What is Catalyst On Demand?

Trimble Catalyst’s convenience and ease-of-use makes it a simple solution for anyone carrying out mapping and data capture tasks in the field. And now, with a new pay-per-use billing option, it is more convenient than ever before.

Catalyst On Demand is perfect for individual users or large fleet deployments. Simply pre-pay for On Demand time (in blocks of hours), and then store, and assign users to the account. Team members simply use the service as and when needed. Just top-up when your account is getting low to ensure your continued access to the service.

So whether you need to use Catalyst a little, or a lot, with Catalyst On Demand it is always ready to go.

On Demand

Pre-pay. Consume by the hour.


Mix-and-match accuracy levels to individual projects.


Suitable for field teams of any size.

Full Control

No fixed contracts. Cancel any time.

Catalyst On Demand gives you...

  • Usage based billing

    Only pay for time used, regardless of the number of workers on the job.
  • Control of your costs

    Pre-pay for hours in advance and consume time on an hour by hour basis.
  • Top-up reminders

    Keep your On Demand account in credit. Get automated reminders when your balance gets low.
  • Simple to manage and maintain

    Spend less time managing licenses but stay in control over who can use your account.
  • One account for unlimited users

    Usage based pricing scales from one user to many, all sharing a single account.
  • Usage reporting

    Understand where your money is being spent on a user by user basis.
Catalyst On Demand Infographic

Buy it, use it! Positioning made easy!

Download the Catalyst On Demand infographic for a simple overview of how Catalyst and our On Demand payment model works from start to finish.

Catalyst is transforming customers large and small with the power of On Demand positioning

Pattle Delamore

"Our data capture requirements are constantly changing as we move from one project to the next. Catalyst gives us the flexibility to collect data at the accuracy we need for each project."

Matthew Darling
Pattle Delamore Partners Limited
3DR Limited

"Catalyst is making precision GNSS accessible to the masses. It's simple, flexible, and it was easy to integrate into our workflow."

Chris Anderson
3DR Limited