What is the Trimble Mapping & GIS Partner Program?

The Trimble Mapping & GIS Partner Program is a dedicated initiative within the Trimble Geospatial group to engage, capture, and promote partner solutions that utilize Trimble technology such as GNSS receivers, ruggedized handhelds, or software-based features.

Trimble Mapping & GIS Partners are creating and developing specific workflows to meet unique customer needs, and our goal is to support these efforts through easy-to-use integration paths.

Why should I become a Partner?

By becoming a Trimble Mapping & GIS Partner, the following tools and resources are available at your disposal: 


  • Trimble Software Developer Kits (SDK) for integration with Trimble R-Series GNSS receivers, the Trimble Catalyst positioning service, and Trimble handheld devices on Android, iOS and Windows platforms
  • Marketing toolkit for joint promotion and engagement of the Trimble and Partner solution
  • Access to Trimble’s distribution network and customers worldwide through joint webinars and co-marketing efforts
  • Collaboration with the Trimble product and marketing teams to provide support for development, integration, support and marketing

Who is eligible?

All Trimble Mapping & GIS partners are vetted by a small team of Trimble staff. The main criteria are:

  • You have an application with a customer who would benefit from using the equipment and tools that Trimble provides
  • You have a team member who is willing to be the main contact for interacting with the Trimble Mapping & GIS team
  • You are able to articulate the value of a joint solution in a 30-minute video meeting or phone call

How do I get started?

To contact Trimble Mapping & GIS and get started, please fill out a short form with a brief description of your joint solution:

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Our Partners

We are proud to be affiliated with our Partners who deliver targeted, industry-specific solutions that integrate with precision-enabled Trimble technology.

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