Record the tally

  • Use a pipe manufacturer manifest as a starting point
  • Create a new tally from scratch
  • Configure as many attributes as needed. Attribute names are fully configurable
  • Create PUPs automatically when joint length is modified

Map the joints

  • Record the relationship between welds and joints
  • Record details and the locations of bends and loose ends

Merge tally and joint mapping

  • Seamlessly merge tally and joint mapping data from multiple crews
  • Generate reports on progress

Survey the pipeline

  • Measure welds on the as-built pipeline and review/edit the attributes for the related joints as required
  • Automated cover calculations based on the previously measured point, or closest point
  • Minimum cover checks
    • Fixed minimum cover
    • Variable minimum cover defined by station value
  • Automated check to ensure the distance between surveyed welds matches the joint length in the tally

Pipeline COGO

  • Deflection angle calculations
  • Crossing computations
  • Averaged laser position


  • Generate custom reports for the tally or joint map data
  • Generate custom reports for the surveyed pipeline
  • Use Google Earth to view tally and joint maps from KML files

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