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The newest eCognition version is now available for customers with a valid eCognition maintenance contract. For details on the latest features, tools and changes to the software, please refer to the Release Notes or watch our webinar Welcome to eCognition 10.

This maintenance contract will provide you with the latest product enhancements, updates and premier technical support. Customers with a current maintenance contract have already been informed via email including download and licensing information. If you have not received this email, please request a maintenance quote with your Entitlement ID(s) at

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Modernized Look & Feel

We have given Developer a new look! With the integration of dark mode data jumps off the screen, context menus are easier to consume & the use of eCognition is more energy efficient. In addition, we have overhauled the icons to fully support 4K screens and make tools easier to recognize.


Increased Usability & Accessibility

Our goal is to increase the usability of eCognition and make tools easier to leverage. Therefore, access to eCognition Workspaces, resources & news are now available directly upon opening the software in the start screen.

Workspaces are now the standard data hosting environment, improving access to batch processing and project management tools. Furthermore, menus and toolbars have been optimized to make workflows efficient and to decrease mouse paths and clicks.


Expanded Data Handling Tools

We have added valuable pre-processing tools to enable project front-end tasks directly within Developer and decrease the need for additional 3rd party applications.

Coordinate system management tools are available in Developer to support raster,  vector and point cloud files. The user will be warned about projection conflicts upon import and prompted to re-project or assign projections automatically. In addition the tools can be used stand-alone to manage input data projections.

A new pre-defined import routine is available to support image tile stitching. Mosaics can be automatically generated based on pre-tiled data and new tiling schemes applied via the rule set for more flexible project conception.

Finally, a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) algorithm has been added as well as a color space transformation algorithm to better support multispectral and hyper spectral data.


Extended Processing Support

We have released the multicore beast and users have unconstrained use of  multicore operations (i.e. Multiresolution segmentation) - 16, 32, 38/42 cores - the sky's the limit!

The use of point clouds has been improved through the introduction of caching, making point cloud visualization and navigation faster within the viewer.

The number of deliverable formats has been expanded to support both PostGIS and GeoPackage, improving open source integration.


New Cloud-Readiness Capabilities

As the cloud becomes an increasingly popular processing environment, we are excited to introduce a new Docker container based Server setup that can be easily managed within various cloud systems. This is a great way to bring eCognition Server processing power to your cloud!