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The newest eCognition version is now available for customers with a valid eCognition maintenance contract. For details on the latest features, tools and changes to the software, please refer to the Release Notes

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Expanded Deep Learning Support

It is now possible to import external, pre-trained TensorFlow models into eCognition. Deep Learning users can save time in the sample generation, model creation & training phases of the workflow. This also makes Deep Learning more accessible to non-experts → bridging the gap between different domains.

Expanded DL Support

Additional Surface Calculation Tools

We have added new tools to improve surface calculations & analysis. It is now possible to generate hillshade layers based on DSM & DTM inputs. In addition, a Ridge Filter algorithm has been added that improves the extraction of ridge-like features in images & elevation data.


Improved Classification Tools

The use of majority vote functionality is now supported in two different formats:

A majority filter algorithm has been introduced as a layer operation to be applied on raster inputs. A majority vote feature increases the contextual relationship between image objects to make classification easier.



Cloud-Readiness Capabilities

We continue to improve our cloud readiness & have packaged our License Server as a docker container to simplify your migration to cloud environments. This makes life easier for IT managers as they can utilize one-line deployment.