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The newest eCognition version is now available for customers with a valid eCognition maintenance contract. For details on the latest features, tools and changes to the software, please refer to the Release Notes or our What's New Webinar.

This maintenance contract will provide you with the latest product enhancements, updates and premier technical support. Customers with a current maintenance contract have already been informed via email including download and licensing information. If you have not received this email, please request a maintenance quote with your Entitlement ID(s) at

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Deep Learning

By leveraging deep learning technology from the Google TensorFlow™ library, eCognition empowers customers with highly sophisticated pattern recognition and correlation tools that automate the classification of objects of interest for faster and more accurate results. eCognition now provides new algorithms to directly leverage this state of the art machine learning technology. The new tools include a trainable convolutional neural network model and algorithms for the automatic generation of sample patches, train and apply model as well as the ability to save and load models into eCognition.


Point Cloud Analytics & Viewing

The new 3D point cloud capabilities in eCognition enables users to integrate aerial and terrestrial point cloud data to perform complex 3D data classification, extract information and analyze change over time. Available algorithms allow automated point cloud classification and transferring thematic information between point clouds. The point cloud viewer supports 3D vector display together with the point cloud and the latest eCognition version provides users with the ability to now display raster layers within the 3D viewer to enrich data fusion and aid rule set development.

3d Viewer

Simplified Data Viewing & Management

New dialogs allows user to quickly populate and configure projects within eCognition Developer through simple drag and drop functions.The View Setting window and tools puts data visualization in a single, easy to access, location to better support data fusion for projects that combine image, vector and point cloud data. The Source View window provides a data management area to modify input layer alias, display orders and access information on file details.