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Surface Inspection with Trimble Access and Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station

The release of Trimble Access 2020.20 includes a new Surface inspection feature, which means you can now undertake in-field surface inspections to compare an as-built scan from the SX10 to a reference surface.

The Surface inspection Cogo function calculates the distance to the reference surface for each point in the selected scan(s) and creates an inspection point cloud. Points in the inspection point cloud are color-coded to provide immediate visual feedback between the point cloud and the reference surface. 

When inspecting a brick facade, for example, you will be able to see whether any sections of the facade are showing signs of movement off vertical.

Trimble Access _ SX10

Reference surfaces can be a horizontal, inclined or vertical plane, or a cylinder. These are defined in the Surface inspection form by choosing the desired method from the dropdown and then defining the surface with points in the job, measured, or selected from scans in the map. In the example below an inclined plane was used to model the desired fall over a patio.

There are different types of default color scales available, including Cut/Fill, Negative or Positive deviations and Rainbow scales. The scales are editable and you can create custom new styles as required.

You can select any scan point to view inspection information specific to that point. You can also turn the connected instrument to a point, first select a single point in the map, then tap “Turn to” at the bottom of the screen. This will turn the instrument to the position. You can Store the inspection scan for future reference, as well as save screen captures and annotate them if required, to highlight particular point details and problem areas.

Only scans created using a Trimble SX10 scanning total station can be used in the surface inspection. Multiple scans can be used if more than one scan is required to cover the as-built surface.

To see the workflow in full, see this Trimble Access 2020.20 - Surface Inspection tutorial video 

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