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Trimble RealWorks Version 12.3: New Features & Improvements

Introducing Trimble® RealWorks® version 12.3, bringing all-new features and improvements to enhance the efficiency and streamline the user experience of your scanning workflows. 

Based on user feedback, Trimble RealWorks 12.3 features additional capabilities to accurately model a project site, export objects directly to Autodesk® Revit®, customize color palettes for Color-Vision Deficiency, and support area scans collected with the Trimble® X7 scanner.

Continue reading to explore the headline developments in Trimble RealWorks 12.3, review the Release Notes to find additional features contained in this version, or head to the Trimble RealWorks channel to learn more about this release.

Released on November 22, 2022, Trimble RealWorks 12.3 is available now, and can be downloaded here.

Features and Enhancements

Direct Link to Autodesk Revit®

New to this release is the ability to send pipe objects modeled in Trimble RealWorks directly to your active Autodesk Revit project. Launch Revit with the Open Revit command found within the Modeling > Pipe section of the Production mode. Use the Trimble RealWorks Import Options within Revit to determine the piping system and connection type to utilize Autodesk libraries.

Model the piping sections of your project cloud and click Send to Revit to seamlessly transfer  objects into your Revit project. Compatible objects include straight segments, concentric and eccentric reducers, tees, and elbows.

Pipe model displayed in Autodesk Revit on the left and Trimble RealWorks on the right.

Registration Visualization

A core value of Trimble is providing accessible solutions. With Trimble RealWorks 12.3, reference and moving cloud colors for Cloud-Based Registration can now be customized. This option supports users who have Color-Vision Deficiency, allowing any color combination to replace the default red and green.

Also included in Cloud-Based Registration is the option to view your project from a station-based view. This option makes pairwise point selection easier to manage, while the Magnifier and Check Registration tools still default to an examiner view.

Station-based view within the Cloud-Based Registration tool of Trimble RealWorks

Expanded Pipe Modeling Capabilities

Also in pipe modeling, Trimble RealWorks now features tools to model eccentric reducers, flanges, valves, and sections of bent pipe. Each object can be created with a single click while edits can easily be made using manipulators to adjust width, diameter, or in the case of valves, the orientation of the valve stem.

Bent pipe section on the top image and flanges, valves, and eccentric reducers on the bottom

Trimble RealWorks 12.3 also features improvements to the pipe fitting algorithms for connectors and non-perpendicular tee segments. Customize the size of modeling manipulators within the Preferences menu, utilize new tooltips and shortcuts for pipe modeling tools, and start pipe runs from existing pipe objects that were not selected when launching the Create Pipe tool.

Pipe models created within Trimble RealWorks

X7 Area Scan Support

Coinciding with the Trimble Perspective 3.1.1 release, area scans collected with the Trimble X7 are now supported in Trimble RealWorks. You can collect higher-resolution scans of interest areas within your project site. Import these scans, already aligned with the parent station scan, and visualize them in Trimble RealWorks.

Scans visualized in Trimble RealWorks

To learn more about Trimble RealWorks, visit our product page or contact your local Distribution Partner.

Watch the video for an overview of the updates: