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Comprehensive Monitoring with Vaisala WXT536 & Trimble Geotechnical Gateway

Trimble Gateway Now Supports the Vaisala WXT536 Weather Sensor

A weather sensor delivers important data such as temperature, pressure, and humidity of site conditions for automated monitoring systems. These data points are combined with in- and above-ground sensors onsite to better inform project stakeholders of potential movements and causes of concerns. One of the most frequently used weather sensor solutions on the market is the Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT530 series, which is now supported through the Trimble® Geotechnical Gateway. 

This supported integration significantly simplifies setup and configuration as well as automates reporting and analysis of weather data. Additionally, the WXT536 can be purchased through Trimble Geospatial Distribution Partners, a central location for all of your monitoring project needs.


Trimble data logger and Vaisala weather sensor
Image: Trimble Digital Data Logger (left) and Vaisala WXT536 Weather Sensor (right)


When connected to a Trimble Digital Data Logger and a Trimble Geotechnical Gateway, the Vaisala WXT536 data is continuously transmitted to Trimble 4D Control™ (T4D) software and made available for advanced analysis and alarming. Together, T4D and the WXT536 can do the following:  

  • Automate visualization of environmental data
  • Create custom calculations and analyses based on the project requirements
  • Generate and schedule reports and alarms based on thresholds for the weather sensor data


Sensors and Data Collected by the Vaisala WXT536

Rain Gauge

The Vaisala WXT536 rain gauge provides comprehensive readings for rainfall including:

  • Cumulative Total Rainfall (mm)
  • Rainfall Per Hour (mm/hr) - Represents the accumulated amount of physical rain that has fallen in a 60 minute period. 
  • Rainfall Per Day (mm/day) - Represents the accumulated amount of physical rain that has fallen in a 24 hour period.
  • Rainfall Intensity (mm/hr) - A very critical variable is the rainfall intensity, particularly in terms of slope stability monitoring. Although measured in mm/hr, it does not represent hourly rainfall but rather the amount of rainfall over a shorter period of time.
Image: Rainfall data charts from a Vaisala weather sensor

Weather Sensor

The WXT536 weather sensor provides readings for important environmental data points including:

  • Pressure (hPa)
  • Relative Humidity (%RH)
  • Temperature (°C)
  • Wind Direction (Deg)
  • Wind Speed (m/s)
Image: Vaisala weather sensor charts (excluding rainfall data)

Note: For setting alarms on rainfall intensity, rainfall per hour, and rainfall per day, a reliable and continuous power supply to the Vaisala weather sensor is critical.

Video Tutorial—How to Set Up the Vaisala WXT536


For more information on the Vaisala WXT536 weather sensor, Trimble digital data loggers, or Trimble 4D Control, contact the Trimble Monitoring team here.