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Extreme Monitoring Workflows: Putting Automated Monitoring Total Stations to the Test

Trimble S9 total station deployed by Cautus Geo in the harsh weather of Svalbard, Norway, to continually monitoring structural movement.

Deformation monitoring takes place everywhere in the world, under just about any type of conditions. Barring the need to be fully submerged under water or lava, monitoring equipment must be able to continue operating under the most strenuous conditions so survey and construction professionals can make informed decisions about infrastructure with confidence. Proven over time, the environment and other wear and tear factors like debris and the occasional curiosity of a passerby are no match for Trimble S Series Total Stations.

From extremely cold and wet winter conditions to dusty, hot deserts, Trimble automated monitoring customers rely on S Series Total Stations to deliver reliable performance, highly accurate measurements and confident site safety. See for yourself in this video.

Reliability, accuracy and confident site safety

Trimble makes one of the best sealed robotic systems in the industry, making it a great choice for working in challenging environments including underground mines and tunnels. In addition to reliability, S Series Total Stations are powered by Trimble MagDrive technology that silently turns the instrument at high speeds to provide ultra-smooth control for precision pointing. This is a critical feature for automated monitoring projects in residential neighborhoods.

Take for example the Upper Steenbras Dam in the mountains above Gordons Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. The Trimble S8 Robotic Total Station was installed in 2012 and continues to provide reliable, quality data to this day.

Railway monitoring in Switzerland utilizing the Trimble S7 for continuous measurements of the track to detect twist, cant and settlement over time.

Durable and resilient, time after time

Having an instrument that can run for more than 10 years is nearly unheard of, especially one that delivers results that measure up to the current day's needs. This type of performance minimizes project downtime, and with a longer instrument replacement cycle, multiple cost savings are realized. 

A senior software quality assurance engineer at Trimble Terrasat GmbH in Germany has had an S8 mounted on a roof as a monitoring instrument for more than 10 years without any issues. Snow, rain, sun and even some days where the instrument was completely frozen over and it continues to measure even as the snow melts. In the U.S., Monsen Engineering Supply boasts, “Nine years without a sick day in an underground mine. Trimble makes the most durable, unstoppable robotic total station in the industry.”

When it comes time to set up your next automated deformation monitoring project, reach out to your local Trimble distribution partner to set up a system you can count on, rain or shine.

Title image: Municon West Coast deploys Trimble S5 total stations to monitor infrastructure construction projects 24/7/365, regardless of the conditions.