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Monitoring the Albert Hall with the Trimble S8

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Case Study Customer: Sir Robert McAlpine Project: Albert Hall excavation Solution: Trimble S8 Total Station and T4D monitoring software confidence of all stakeholders so his first step was to undertake regular 'normal circumstance' manual monitoring to establish exactly what would be needed during the project. Over a period of one year the site was therefore monitored eighteen times using a Trimble S8 Total Station to measure to pre-set points in preparation for the excavation. Selecting and implementing a monitoring system Familiar with Trimble technology from previous projects, Vince was convinced that a single KOREC supplied Trimble S8 Total Station used in conjunction with Trimble's T4D monitoring software would deliver on all the requirements of this challenging site. With its proven track record, the S8 would provide exactly the accuracy, reliability and robustness that would be vital for an instrument left open to the elements over a prolonged period. Additionally, the S8's MagDrive™ Servo Technology would kill two birds with one stone. It's smooth performance would reduce friction on any moving parts (vital for an instrument that would, in one case, be in almost perpetual motion over a nine month period) and would also render the instrument totally silent whilst undertaking its measurement rounds, discounting any possibility of it being heard within the hall. As the Albert Hall approaches its 150th birthday in 2021, the building is being prepared to tackle the next 150 years with a good clean-up and the installation of a two-storey, double height basement on the south-west quadrant of the building. Termed 'The Grand Excavation', these works will open up around 1000m² of back-of-house space for the creation of facilities such as a new café area for visitors and a new multi-purpose space for artists, schools and community groups. Undertaking the works, which include the upgrade of all internal services and the construction of the new basement area and carpark, is Sir Robert McAlpine and responsible for all monitoring connected to the site, including the implementation and management of the system over a 3.5 year period, is Senior Geospatial Engineer, Vince Bridle. Challenging Site The site presented Vince with a number of monitoring challenges that were evident from the outset: n Large basement dig in a small area, zero piled against existing foundations and with little room for the cherry picker required for prism installation. n Requirement for an excellent relationship with all stakeholders responsible for other close and notable buildings in the area, each with their own restrictions as to what could be fixed to them. Obligations included the presentation of data in a way that was accessible and easily understandable by all involved. n Noise levels – vital that nothing could be heard from a monitoring system within the hall during performances or rehearsals. n Monitoring of both an adjacent 45m Victorian chimney which had historically shown signs of distress and the domed Hall itself. n Accommodation of two very different sets of monitoring requirements – those necessary during daytime excavation work would be very different to those at night. Vince knew that careful planning would be key to the success of a reliable monitoring operation and one that would have the Monitoring the Albert Hall with the Trimble S8 A single Trimble monitoring system is all that's required for a challenging site thanks to intelligent planning and a full understanding of the project's challenges. Prism and instrument locations

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