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Introducing Trimble Access Software v2024.00

Built to make a surveyor’s job easier

Trimble is excited to introduce the latest version of Trimble® Access field software, version 2024.00. This release brings practical enhancements in four key areas, aimed at simplifying key surveying tasks for greater efficiency and ease of use:

  • Improved and streamlined key survey workflows
  • Empowering users with advanced map tools for handling large datasets
  • Seamlessly integrating cloud workflow functionalities
  • Providing support for the latest innovative Trimble hardware


 Trimble Access 2024.00 is built to make a surveyor’s job easier

Improved and streamlined key survey workflows

Feature collection for topographic surveys is an important survey workflow. Surveyors have long needed to collect accurate survey data of the existing environment and turn it into a detailed plan. Access supports this workflow with feature codes, allowing users to correctly attribute features and draw symbols and line work directly in the field. 

With the new version, it's simpler to draw lines with active lines now highlighted during measurement, reducing errors and increasing confidence in the data collection process. When you start a new line feature or carry on an existing line feature, the active highlighted line changes to show the linework that will be created with the next measured point. No more accidentally drawing incorrect string lines across your map screen. You will have full confidence in what will be drawn on the map.

We have also improved the attribution workflow when measuring line features. Now Access only prompts for attributes on the first point of the string, which means you can measure the line without being interrupted at each point with attributes you have already filled in. 

For users who prefer to use the measure point or topo form over measure codes, we have added the +, - and Find string buttons to these forms. This makes it easier to measure multiple lines with the same code.

Empowering users with advanced map tools for handling large datasets

Selecting the correct part of a complex BIM model can be a frustrating experience. The BIM toolbar in Access now includes a Selection mode button, so you can choose the types of items that are selectable from a BIM model in the map. Available selection modes include the Surface selection - whole object and Surface selection - individual faces options that were previously available in the Map settings screen, as well as two new selection modes: Point/vertex selection and Line/edge selection.

BIM files provide rich attribute information, but not all of this information is needed by the surveyor in the field. Access now provides the ability to favorite the properties you are most interested in. Once you have added a favorite property, the property appears at the top of the list of properties.

BIM files are increasingly used for infrastructure design. Access now supports the use of surfaces from a BIM file when staking a road. This means you can use the design file directly in Access without having to create a separate surface file. In any stakeout workflow, you can select BIM surfaces from the map to show cut/fill deltas from the surface to what you are staking out.

Seamlessly integrating cloud workflow functionalities

Cloud connectivity has been enhanced in this release. The integration of Access with Trimble Business Center’s Connected Workspace enables a seamless office-to-field workflow. In the field, new tagging features in cloud projects are consistent across Access and Trimble Connect, helping you organize and manage jobs more efficiently. These updates facilitate better coordination and accessibility of project data across different stages and locations.

Providing supporting for the latest innovative Trimble hardware

This Access release supports the latest Trimble hardware, including the Trimble TDC6 handheld data collector, the Trimble R780 model 2 and Trimble DA2 GNSS systems, and the Trimble TDL450B UHF radio. This update guarantees compatibility and optimizes field performance with the latest surveying instruments available.

The 2024.00 version of Access is built to make a surveyor's job easier. With improved workflows, enhanced map tools that simplify working with BIM files, improved cloud integration and updated hardware support, Access enhances the core survey workflows of today whilst building functionality to support the surveyor of tomorrow.

For more information on this release, the following assets are available:

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