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Introducing Trimble Mobile Manager V4—The Next Generation

Trimble® Mobile Manager (TMM), a configuration application for Trimble GNSS receivers, has been overhauled and now boasts an easier-to-use, more efficient and more attractive user experience. 

The release for version 4 introduces a completely new user interface developed from the ground up, providing a more intuitive and consistent user experience in a modern app that’s enjoyable to use.

In addition to the revised user interface, the new TMM introduces valuable new features, including support for specifying antenna height, automatic connection to the last used receiver and a much improved NTRIP setup and validation workflow.

Explore the new design of TMM below and review the changes in the new version by comparing with the previous version (v3) after the overview video:

General Design Principles

The redesign of the TMM application is centered around making it easier to use on a day-to-day basis, putting the most commonly used functions a single click away from the Home screen. The number of clicks to achieve an action have also been reduced where possible. 

With TMM v4, the philosophy was “form WITH function,” moving away from a “function over form” approach.

The design principles can be summarized as:

  • A cleaner user interface
  • Making it feel more “Trimble”
  • Less clicks
  • More polished

Simplified receiver connectivity


From multiple screens in TMM version 3 to a single screen in version 4, the interface makes it obvious there is no receiver connected and makes the connection workflow immediately accessible.

Cleaner Home screen


The Home screen has been updated to very clearly show the information needed by the user, with all configuration options grouped logically in the tab bar or the menu. Images clearly indicate the connected receiver and information displayed is dynamic based on supported licensing and capabilities.

Cleaner and more readable screens throughout


All screens have been updated to present information in a clear and visually appealing way. Sections are clearly headed and information is grouped logically.

Overhauled navigation


The most commonly used functions have been placed in the tab bar at the base of the screen, only a single click away from all main screens. 

Less commonly used functions and the application version information are available from the user menu.

Clear notifications

Notifications have been updated to provide a consistent method of alerting users. 

In-app notifications are color-coded to clearly indicate the level of attention needed from the user:

  • Blue—informational
  • Yellow—warning or advice
  • Red—action required

Users will now see system notifications from TMM when another application is running in the foreground. This is especially useful for some messages, for example, when an On Demand period expires, or the receiver is disconnected.

New Features

In addition to the UX overhaul, TMM v4 features a number of new features.

Connect to last known receiver

It’s now possible to automatically reconnect to the last known receiver. Selecting this option means that TMM will attempt to reconnect to the receiver as long as it is in range and available. On Android devices, this means the receiver must be switched on and in range and on iOS devices, the receiver must be connected to the mobile device1.

Antenna height support

Users can specify the height of the antenna in TMM. Positions shown in the TMM user interface and shared with other applications will take the antenna height into account.

NTRIP setup and validation improvements

TMM now allows users to create their NTRIP configuration without being connected to a Trimble GNSS receiver. Validation of the NTRIP parameters occurs at setup time, preventing possible issues in the field. Location services data is used to display mount points in order of proximity.

Trimble Mobile Manager version 4 is available now to download and install from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

To learn more, contact your local Trimble Distributor.

1 Some Trimble GNSS receivers, including the Trimble DA2, Trimble R1 and Trimble R2, will automatically reconnect to the last iOS device they were connected to.