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Using Annotations to Add Details in Scan Projects

Communication between the field and office has always been vital to any survey operation. This scanning tip will look at how annotations can be used in Trimble® PerspectiveTM to bolster your field operations.

Trimble Perspective

To create an annotation, first select the Annotation icon on the right menu bar in Trimble Perspective

This will open a window showing the option to create a new point. Select the Create New button to begin this process.

You will now have a couple of choices available to you. One of these options is to utilize the built-in laser pointer to accurately define targets in your project. Select the icon at the top of the screen showing a laser image that says Off. Note: This option is only available on Trimble scanners equipped with a laser pointer such as the X7.

The icon will switch to blue and say On. The X7 will turn to point the laser at the area of the scan centered on the screen.

To choose a new target, move your view as you normally would in Station-based View, swiping your finger to rotate your view. When the laser is close to your target, tap on the screen’s central crosshair to enable the fine adjustment mode.