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White Papers: Inside the Trimble X9—Deep Dive into Auto-Calibration and X-Drive Technology

Versatile, advanced and built on proven Trimble technologies, the Trimble® X9 3D laser scanner automatically calibrates anywhere, and the enhanced monitoring with Trimble X-Drive (introduced in the Trimble X7 3D laser scanner), is now more efficient than ever. 

For more answers on how automatic calibration and Trimble X-Drive technologies work, download the new white papers from the Trimble Scanning team, exploring in detail the innovations in Trimble laser scanners that exist in no other competitive scanner.

Automatic Calibration

Download: Inside the Trimble X9: Deep Dive into Trimble X9 Auto-Calibration

Did you ever ask yourself how the auto-calibration works in the Trimble X9 3D laser scanner? Maybe you heard a detailed technical explanation or a response as simple as, "automatically without targets or user interaction." The Trimble X-Drive dual vertical deflection system and the internal collimator in the base of the instrument are key to enabling the Trimble X9 automatic calibration to ensure consistent data quality from scan to scan.

This white paper explains in detail the technology behind Trimble X9 auto-calibration and the many benefits it brings to 3D laser scanning.

Trimble X-Drive Technology

Download: Inside the Trimble X9: Deep Dive into Trimble X-Drive Technology

With no visible mirror assembly, the center unit resembles a total station more than a scanner. The X9 actually has the characteristics of both with a dual vertical drive system. The system integrates a survey-grade servo drive from a total station and a protected high-speed scanning mirror to enable features like auto-calibration and much more. 

Trimble X9 self-leveling technology provides both full automation for quick setup and survey-grade accuracy for data you can trust. Some scanners measure level in all orientations without manually leveling, but they are not accurate. Others have survey-grade accuracy but use a tribrach to level within a tilt compensation range of 1 to 2 degrees. The X9 has survey-grade accuracy with a wide tilt compensation range of ±10° for easy setup with LED guide lights instead of a tribrach.

This white paper covers the technology behind Trimble X-Drive and the many benefits it brings to 3D laser scanning, including impact on return on investment.

For details, download the complete white papers: