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Find and Locate Objects in Trimble RealWorks

Projects can become very large and complex, full of scan stations, line work and models. This can make finding specific objects or groups of objects a bit cumbersome. An easy way around this is to use the Find and Locate tools in Trimble RealWorks. These are found in the Search group of the Home tab.

TRW Menu Bar


In the example below I have selected the gray colored scan station in the 3D view. It has been registered and is in a group within another group but I’m not sure which one. I can right click the scan in the 3D view and select Locate, or click the Locate button in the Search area of the ribbon menu. The station will then be selected in the Workspace pane and if it is in a group the group will be selected as well.

Trimble RealWorks Workspace


Sometimes you would like to find a specific object or similar objects even if you can’t see them in the 3D view. In this case you can use the Find command. Different Types of objects are available for searching based on whether you are in Registration or Production mode.

TRW Tabe Difference Tab

TRW Tab  DIfferences

In the example below I wanted to find station 003. I entered 003 for the Text and for the Type I chose Station. For the Search in field I selected Name. This project was a combination of scans from different scanners over multiple days so you can see that searching for the text 003 brought up two results.

Selecting objects in the Trimble RealWorks results pane will also select the objects in the WorkSpace.

TRW Workspace

From the search result you can access contextual tools such as right click and choose View Only This.

TRW View Only

In another example below I wanted to find all the leveled scans in this project. When searching for leveled or unleveled scans use the Find Text, True for leveled or False for not leveled, set the Type to Station and set the Search in field to Instrument Leveling.

TRW Workspace True/False

You can find more information on the on the Find and Locate commands in the Trimble RealWorks help.

TRW Find Items

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