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Using The Station Marker List in Trimble RealWorks

Registering large, complex projects can sometimes become overwhelming, especially when using multiple scanners over multiple days. Using groups or labels in Trimble RealWorks to isolate specific areas to work on helps quite bit but you still end up with lots of station markers all over the project, which can clutter up the screen.

The image below shows an example of trying to register a section of a ship that has station markers displayed from unregistered stations.

Trimble RealWorks Station Marker UI

To help clean up the view you can use the Station Marker List. It is found under the View tab in the Station Markers section.

Trimble RealWorks Station Marker bar

Once the Station Marker List is open you can use it to select specific stations or groups of stations to display markers for.

Trimble Realworks Station Marker List

Station Marker Trimble RealWorks

In the example below the view is much cleaner and easy to understand when only displaying the station markers for the area you are working on.

TRW Station Markers

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