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Trimble Access 2023.10: Empowering Field Professionals with Enhanced Data Management Tools

In the ever-evolving world of surveying and construction, efficient data management is paramount to success. The latest version of Trimble® Access™ software comes packed with new features and enhancements, focusing on providing surveyors with powerful tools for managing large datasets. In this blog post, we will explore two exciting additions to Trimble Access: the Limit box and the BIM Organizer and investigate how surveyors can use these tools to manage and interact with data, thereby streamlining workflows and increasing productivity.

We have updated the Limit box to provide an intuitive way to manage large datasets in the field by restricting the view of data to a spatial box. The extents of the Limit box are now visible, enabling you to more easily define its spatial boundary around the current map view. The Limit box also now matches the current map rotation which makes it easy and intuitive to set up around any object. Once set, the Limit box extents are remembered for the next time it is enabled. To move the Limit box to a new location, either use the sliders to extend a side of the box, or move your map view to the desired location and tap the “fit to view” button. 

Limit box is an intuitive way to manage large datasets in the field by restricting the view of data to a spatial box.

In cadastral surveying, surveyors can limit the data to a specific area of interest, allowing them to easily focus on and evaluate important cadastral information within the specified boundary. Because some cadastral data sets include boundary lines, easements, and right-of-way data spanning for several miles, being able to limit that data to around the property of interest can be extremely valuable. In engineering surveying, the Limit box can help surveyors focus on specific project components, such as a road intersection or elements or bridge structures such as Columns and Beam. This enables accurate analysis, verification, and informed decision-making, especially when combined with reporting tools such as surface inspection.

Trimble Access 2023.10 improves the BIM toolbar that was introduced in Trimble Access 2023.00. The BIM toolbar provides Show/Hide tools for isolating items in BIM files. Now, the BIM toolbar is automatically shown in the map when BIM files are shown in the map, and the toolbar includes the new Organizer tool to manage the display of items in the map using the same Organizer groups that have been set up for the project in Trimble Connect cloud software.

Trimble Connect is a robust environment for managing BIM data and creating filters. Surveyors and BIM data managers can use the Trimble Connect Organizer to define filters for BIM files based on element types, attributes, or property values, enabling users to focus on the most relevant information within the BIM model. These filters are automatically shared with Trimble Access users within the same project. 

The Connect Organizer has practical applications and benefits for any construction project. In construction management, project managers can create tailored filters for stakeholders, ensuring access to specific data like plans, schedules, and as-built models, to improve collaboration and reduce confusion. During construction staking, surveyors can use filters to highlight necessary stakeout points, simplifying field operations for accurate layout information. In addition, in as-built surveys, filters focused on specific components or areas enable surveyors to compare constructed elements with original plans, simplifying verification and aiding in identifying deviations. The ability to use the same Organizer filters across both Trimble Access and Trimble connect, empowers field professionals with efficient data access and improves project outcomes.

Unlock the future of surveying with Trimble Access 2023.10—your key to efficiency, connectivity, precision, and success.

We have a range of assets available to provide more details on this release and how you can benefit from these new features:

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Release Notes

In addition to the new features mentioned above, the latest release of Trimble Access includes many other enhancements to improve your workflows. For a comprehensive list of all changes, refer to the release notes on the Trimble Access Help portal.