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What’s New in Trimble Access v2021.20


Trimble® Access version 2021.20 is now out, delivering new features and functionality, including cloud integration improvements, new Trimble SX10 and SX12 capabilities, object-oriented setup, an augmented reality (AR) viewer, stakeout improvements, continued user interface and workflow modernization, and additional options for roads, tunnels and mines.

Users also benefit from new hardware support for the Spectra Geospatial FOCUS 50 total station and the Trimble EDB10 Data Bridge. 

Take a deep dive into the release notes here or keep reading for a summary of the latest features and capabilities.

Cloud Integration

In Trimble Access you can now browse files and folders published on Trimble Connect and select them for download. 

The selected cloud folders and files are downloaded to the Trimble Access project directory. This makes it easy to retain the same file and folder structure across your organization's network, Trimble Connect, and Trimble Access. On project refresh, Trimble Access will identify if there have been any updates in the cloud to the selected files and folders that need subsequent download. 

Users can also invite people to the project, manage who is in the project team, assign jobs to team members, and sync by tapping cloud icons. 

Latest Features for Trimble SX10 and SX12


The new Trimble Access enables use of the Trimble TSC5 controller to connect to Trimble SX10 and SX12 scanning total stations for regular survey work, as well as for scanning and viewing point clouds (.rcwx files.)

Trimble Access now provides two additional scan frame methods: half dome and rectangle – sides. Also new is LAS export (license required) for exporting scan point clouds and regions created using the Trimble SX10 and SX12. 

Object-Oriented Setup 

Users can now perform an object-oriented setup for the total station in the coordinate system of an object of interest where the object’s Z axis is not aligned with the vertical axis of the instrument. This setup can be used in a variety of situations, for example:

  • In a manufacturing environment where the object of interest, such as a beam or concrete slab, is not sitting flat.
  • On a moving platform such as a barge or an oil rig where the instrument cannot be leveled.

Augmented Reality Viewer

Trimble Access version 2021.20 features the new augmented reality viewer to interact with spatial data in the context of the real world.

It includes position and orientation information provided by the connected IMU GNSS receiver and is supported on the Trimble TSC7, TSC5 and TDC600 (landscape only). Please note that there is currently no IFC support on Android controllers.

The AR viewer shows map data in 3D, overlaid on controller camera view, and enables users to overlay and visualize a road or building model in the real world. It also provides stakeout guidance, captures images that show the site with features overlaid on the site, and documents important visual information, like clashes, to share with stakeholders.

Access Augmented Reality Feature

Stakeout Alignment Improvements

With the new Trimble Access, alignment stakeout workflows are significantly improved by combining the traditional menu workflow with the map-based workflow. 

Users can now see the map during alignment stakeout and interact directly in the map to select the alignment or stations to stake. Now, in addition to seeing your current position and the alignment you are staking, you can also see other map features, including DXF maps and WMS imagery. (See the help menu for more information.)


Trimble Access General Survey and Tunnels now supports the display of tunnel (.txl) files in the map, where they can be visualized in 3D and used to perform surface inspections comparing the TXL and SX12 scan data. This enables tunnel survey and construction professionals to perform high-definition as-built analysis in real-time while in the field for shotcrete and excavation processes. 

Also, the Cogo menu is now available within the Tunnels app and can be used to carry out coordinate geometry (Cogo) functions without having to switch to General Survey. You can also access these Cogo functions from the tap and hold menu in the map giving more tools to tunnel users while in the application.

Get a more detailed overview of the Trimble Access improvements for tunnels here.

TA scan inspection


Trimble Access Mines enhancements include improvements to auto stakeout blast holes, auto stakeout laser lines, auto stakeout grade lines and auto stakeout centerlines greatly reducing operator error and increasing productivity in underground mine surveys. 

Also, the Cogo menu is now available within the Mines app to carry out Cogo functions without having to switch to General Survey providing a simple way to access more tools in the application. 

Get a more detailed overview of the Trimble Access improvements for mines here.

ta mines