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Customer Webinar: Surveying Hurricane Flood Damage on Earthen Spillways with the SX10 and Trimble Access


Date: February 9, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM MST

Presenters: Nicolas Noll (Trimble) & Rebecca Evans (USDA Natural Resources
Conservation Service)

Join Rebecca Evans of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service for a webinar on how the Trimble SX10 total station and Trimble Access software were the perfect tools for the job of surveying flood damage caused by Hurricane Michael.

Hurricane Michael caused earthen auxiliary spillways of flood control dams in southern Virginia to flow in places that had never been known to flow before, causing major damage. Dam operators asked USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service for assistance in assessing and surveying the damage. The gullies were too deep and dangerous to traverse, so the Trimble SX10 total station was the chosen tool for the job.

This webinar explains how the SX10 and Trimble Access  was used to survey the sites, discusses what was done with the data collected, and speaks of the lessons learned during this process.

Additionally, tips will be shared on how to use the scanning tool within Trimble Access when paired with our SX instruments.

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