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Whether you’re managing assets, responding to outages or natural disasters, or conducting routine maintenance, Trimble GIS solutions ensure you have current and accurate data for your GIS or asset management system. With the most up-to-date field data, you can be sure you’re making the right decisions when managing your assets and resources.

With leading-edge technology and streamlined workflows, Trimble solutions enhance your productivity by taking all the hassle out of GIS data collection. Trimble is renowned for integrating advanced GNSS technology with rugged field hardware designed to work in all conditions and environments. And it doesn’t stop there: Trimble’s software solutions allow you to work directly with your existing GIS data and schemas, providing efficient workflows for productive data collection in the field.

By offering integrated solutions with leading-edge innovation, Trimble ensures premier productivity and return on investment. For all your GIS data collection, maintenance and asset management needs, you can rely on Trimble for unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

For all your GIS data collection, maintenance and asset management, you can rely on Trimble GIS handhelds for unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Trimble GIS handhelds and tablets integrate GNSS with hardware that is designed and tested for the demanding field conditions you work in. As well as leading-edge screen technology designed for crisp and clear outdoor viewing, Trimble rugged solutions are built to cope with water, dirt, extreme temperatures, and all the real-world challenges you encounter every day.

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Trimble GNSS receivers are a flexible positioning solution for productive and accurate GIS data collection. With the freedom to choose from a range of configurations, Trimble GNSS receivers provide timely and accurate data for decision-making and integrate seamlessly with industry-standard GIS systems and professional GIS data collection workflows.

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Trimble field software solutions allow seamless data flow between the field and your GIS or asset management system. With the most up-to-date field data, you can be sure you’re making the right decisions when managing your assets and resources. What’s more, Trimble field software is optimized for fast and efficient data collection, taking all the complexity out of your fieldwork, and ensuring you get accurate and up-to-date data for your GIS.

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Trimble software solutions facilitate a continuous data flow between the field and your GIS or asset management system. Trimble Positions™ Desktop offers a seamless integration into the Esri® environment for Esri users who utilize Trimble TerraSync™ as their field software solution, providing streamlined data collection straight into their GIS. Trimble GPS Pathfinder® Office software is a powerful and easy-to-use software package of GNSS field data post-processing tools, designed to develop GIS information that is consistent, reliable, and accurate.

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Bring your geospatial data to life with the Trimble SiteVision outdoor augmented reality system. Trimble SiteVision unlocks and simplifies the use of geospatial information by allowing you to see your data in the real world – from property lines to underground services to conceptual designs. It is an ideal tool for public and contractor engagement in planning processes as well as throughout the project lifecycle.

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The Trimble MX7 Mobile Mapping Imaging system is a fast and cost effective way to document site conditions with geo-referenced images and manage assets such as bridges, buildings, roads, highways, and power stations.

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Many organizations are struggling to find the most effective and cost-effective ways to equip their field  personnel with quality data collection tools. Some collect data every day; others only occasionally....yet all of the data needs to be accurate and needs to synch up with the GIS back in the office. 

You're not alone. This is a challenge that GIS teams around the world face, and Trimble has created some ways to help you scale GIS data collection and processing to your day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year needs. 

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Organizations that operate in highly regulated environments (such as Oil & Gas, Energy and Telecommunications) understand the need for products tailored to their specific type of asset and compliance requirements. If you work in these industries, learn more about how Trimble can turn your GIS collection process from a headache into a seamless data flow.

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The world of GIS can be daunting. Trimble understand this, and intentionally designs products to enable a quick ramp-up time.

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Managing data, from the field to the office, is challenging. Trimble and Esri® product development teams work closely on data integration, synchronization and overall compatibility. If your organization uses Esri products, learn more below about which Trimble products can integrate well with your systems. 

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