Survey Workflows

Trimble Access Mines

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Finish mining jobs fast

The Trimble® Access™ Mines software includes powerful tools to survey and report on mine operations. The easy to use interface guides you through tasks such as auto staking lines to position a drilling rig within a mine. 

Opportunities for mine surveyors working above ground to move underground is now easier to reach than ever with the Mines application for Trimble Access. The streamlined workflow is complemented by user defined settings enabling you to fine tine the operation to best suit mine conditions and your requirements. 

Define Your Lines and Points
Survey and Auto Stake
Generate Reports
  • Key in, select from a DXF, import from a CSV file, or measure the lines and points to auto stake
  • Center, grade, and laser lines to align a drilling rig 
  • Predefined blast hole positions 
  • Predefined pivot points to position a drilling rig 
  • Generate reports for your surveyed mine data on the controller while in the field 
  • Use the reports to check data in the field, or to transfer data from the field to your client, or to the office for further processing with office software