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Trimble Access Pipelines

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Optimize pipeline surveys in the field

The Trimble® Access™ Pipelines software includes powerful tools to collect pipe attribute data, record the relationship between welds and pipes (joints), and when the pipeline is surveyed, link the join attributes to the measured welds. All data is recorded electronically, available for checking at every step in the process, and all recorded attributes are stored with the survey data. 

Record the Tally
Map the Joints
Merge Tally & Joint Mapping
Survey the Pipeline
Pipeline COGO
  • Use a pipe manufacturer manifest as a starting point 
  • Create a new tally from scratch 
  • Configure as many attributes as needed - attribute names are fully configurable 
  • Create PUPs automatically when joint length is modified
  • Record relationships between welds and joints 
  • Record details and the locations of bends and loose ends 
  • Seamlessly merge tally and joint mapping data from multiple crews
  • Generate reports on progress
  • Measure welds on the as-built pipeline and review/edit the attributes for the related joints as required
  • Automated cover calculations based on the previously measured point, or closest point 
  • Minimum cover checks
    • Fixed minimum cover 
    • Variable minimum cover defined by station value
  • Automated check to ensure the distance between surveyed welds matches the joint length in the tally
  • Generate custom reports for the tally or joint map data 
  • Generate custom reports for the surveyed pipeline 
  • Use Google Earth to view tally and joint maps from KML files
  • Deflection angle calculations 
  • Crossing computations 
  • Averaged laser position