TCU Controller

Behind every great wonder of the world is the precision and planning of a great land surveyor. That’s what drives us to continually advance the performance of our S Series Total Stations with tools like the new, on-board TCU5 controller. Designed to maximize productivity across the S5, S7, S9, and S9 HP Total Stations, the TCU5 delivers:

  • The latest Trimble Access 2020 field software to streamline workflows
  • A rugged 5-inch touchscreen for better visibility and usability
  • Wi-Fi connectivity + Trimble Sync Manager for field-to-office data transfer
  • Android operating system and interface for toggling between applications
  • In-the-field flexibility as an onboard control unit or robotic data collector

All these benefits make the TCU5 controller a must-have for surveyors wanting to upgrade to a modern control unit, or from a mechanical station to an automatic tracking instrument using Trimble S Series Autolock Total Stations and Trimble Active Tracking.

Customize your Trimble S Series Total Station—S5, S7, S9 and S9 HP in either Autolock or Robotic configuration with Passive or Active Tracking.

Compatible with both configurations, the adaptable TCU5 works as an onboard controller for the Autolock Total Station or pole-mounted to use with the Robotic Total Stations. Powered by Android, the TCU5 provides the latest Trimble Access for easy syncing of files and other Android utilities.

Trimble S Series Autolock Total Stations automatically lock on to your prism—and stay there—intelligently tracking the target across your worksite through Trimble MagDrive motors. This significantly reduces time spent on manually focusing and correcting errors. Ideal for a two-man crew, simply mount the TCU5 onboard for seamless connectivity and portability.

Trimble S Series Robotic Total Stations use the same Autolock technology, but are equipped with radios on both the total station and controllers. This is ideal for one-person operation by mounting the controller on the survey pole, instead of the total station.

Powered only by their tools, technology, and thinking, land surveyors quietly make the world a better place. That's why surveyors choose Trimble high-performance S Series Total Stations and TCU5 controllers, powered by our proprietary software:

Trimble Access™ field software comes with the new TCU5 controller and is designed to support your everyday work. Feature-rich and intuitive, Trimble Access offers a familiar interface and allows for seamless data sharing and processing from the field to the office. Ultimately, this proven field software streamlines workflows for increased performance and productivity.

Trimble Business Center brings all the data together in a desktop environment. In a single software package you can efficiently work across any of our Total Stations to survey, level, and scan terrestrial and aerial data. Trimble Business Center offers topographic map creation workflow, earthwork operations, corridor operations, bringing the field environment to the office.

Combined, this powerful technology delivers the surveying precision, reliability, and performance you need to increase productivity-from the field to the office.


Trimble TCU5

Powered by the latest Trimble Access 2020 the TCU5 controller elevates your productivity, together with the new robotic holder and docking station for best performance

  • Combines latest Trimble Access field software with Trimble Total Stations
  • WiFi connectivity, including Trimble Sync Manager support
  • Android operating system
  • 5-inch multi-touch screen
  • Portability for ease of data transfer in the office connecting via the docking station
  • In-the-field flexibility to be an integrated on-board control unit or robotic data collector

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