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Jersey Barriers Extraction in TBC with Mobile Mapping Data

To easily extract Jersey barriers in Trimble® Business Center (TBC), follow this step-by-step guide using mobile mapping data from a Trimble® MX9 and using TBC version 5.80 as an example.

Application scenario

The application consists of defining and extracting the positions and geometries of Jersey barriers, a common use case of mobilemapping datasets. Different tools inside TBC enable the operator to automatically extract Jersey barrier elements. The extracted elements can be used to create 3D models, which can be consumed in TBC directly, or exported and used in third-party software solutions.

Tools and procedure

Use the Extract Line Feature from the Point Cloud ribbon to extract the Jersey barriers. Once you have a point cloud loaded in your TBC projects, you can start the Extract Line Feature tool.

Select the Curb and Gutter option from the Extraction Type menu:

Determine Point 1 and Point 2 to define the Cutting Plate for the template definition:

Now, you can add nodes as needed to define the vertexes of the Jersey barrier, in one of two scenarios: 

  1. Creating nodes only for the vertexes of the Jersey barrier that are visible in the point cloud Cutting Plane View. In this option, when creating a 3D model of the Jersey barrier, only one face will be produced (the one with available point cloud data).
  2. Also creating nodes for the vertexes of the Jersey barrier that are not visible in the point cloud from the Cutting Plane View. In this case, it will be useful to reduce the confidence (%) level in the settings. In this option, both faces of the Jersey barrier will be created for the 3D model.

In this example, vertexes for both faces were created. The confidence level was reduced to 15 (to deal with the face with no point cloud data) and was used at an interval of 10 meters.

Once the tool finishes producing the lines, click on Finish and then on Create Lines:

Once you click on Create Lines, lines are created, and you can close the tool.

Select the created lines and from the Surfaces ribbon, click on Create Surface.

Give the new surface a name, change color if needed, and click on Apply.

The 3D model of the barrier has now been created and can be displayed in all the TBC mobile mapping views:

The Jersey barrier element can now be selected and exported as needed. The following is an example of the 3D model exported and uploaded in Trimble Connect:

By following the above steps, you can now perform Jersey Barriers Extraction in TBC with mobile mapping data.

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