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Trimble MX9

Mobile Mapping System
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A Mobile Mapping Solution for Large-Scale Scanning and Mapping Missions

The MX9 is a complete field-to-finish mobile mapping solution combining state-of-the-art, advanced hardware with intuitive field software and a reliable, efficient office software workflow


The MX9 mounts on top of a vehicle and rapidly captures dense point clouds and images—both panoramic and multi-angle. Rich corridor data can be collected at highway speeds, significantly improving data collection on busy highways and avoiding costly lane closures.

It is the next-generation solution for your needs today

Key Features

  • Very high point cloud density with complimentary immersive imagery
  • Advanced Trimble GNSS and Inertial technology
  • Lightest and most compact premium mobile mapping system
  • Simple installation and browser based operation from any smart device
  • Compatible with existing Trimble software and workflows
  • Enhanced remote support capabilities
  • Supported by Trimble Business Center (TBC) Mobile Mapping for efficient data processing 
  • Trimble MX software for feature extraction workflows and data publishing


Whatever the application, the Trimble MX9 quickly and efficiently collects the highly
precise and powerful data you need, and delivers it across your organization.

Whether you are a city planner, work for a department of transportation or are a service provider, count on it for generating deliverables such as:

  • Road assets
  • Cross sections
  • 3D models
  • GIS layers
  • Elevation models
  • Volumetric analysis
Devices, Software, and Accessories
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