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Level Up Your Monitoring Total Station with the AD-12 Auto Level

Level Up Your Monitoring Total Station with the AD-12 Auto Level

Survey and geotechnical engineers can now add the AD-12 auto level, designed by GEO-Laser GmbH, to their monitoring system.

The AD-12 is designed to automatically level total station and measurement instruments. Much like Trimble total stations, the AD-12 is prepared to handle harsh environments to keep automated monitoring total stations running smoothly to provide accurate monitoring measurements.

Trimble Geo-Laser AD-12 auto level

Stack it Up

Trimble total stations can be placed in the included tribrach where it will be positively centered and locked in position. The AD-12 can be mounted on a standard 5/8" threaded screw, similar to Trimble total station tribrachs and prisms. The AD-12 comes with a DC power pack that can be connected to the main power supply such as site power or an autonomous power source like a solar controller.


Ready for Anything

The auto level components including the servomotors, adjustment units, inclinometers, and measuring and control electronics are integrated into a dust and waterproof housing, making the AD-12 durable and reliable in harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, it automatically adjusts total stations that are out of level up to nine degrees enabling the total station to continue collecting accurate data without interruption and requiring a technician to visit the site.

Automatic leveling supports monitoring installations where the total station is susceptible to heavy vibration and shock. One common situation, where these conditions are a factor, is in tunnel construction. If the total station is mounted on the gantry of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) or attached to tunnel rings, the force and vibration from the TBM could cause the total station to move off level but is automatically corrected by the AD-12.

Another example where auto leveling pays off is in remote environments that make it challenging to access the total station. The auto level provides confidence that even if the instrument “falls off level,” the AD-12 will automatically adjust to compensate for the movement, allowing the instrument to continue collecting accurate data.


As of June 2022, the Trimble AD-12 auto level is now available for order through your local Trimble Distribution Partner.

Contact the Trimble Monitoring team here for more information and to order yours today!

Other Product Details:

  • Leveling range of +/- 12 gon
  • Continuous leveling with an accuracy of 10 mgon
  • All components are enclosed in waterproof housing preventing environmental damage
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects to the AD-12