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Deep Dive into Trimble X-Drive 3D Laser Scanners Technology

White Paper: Why the Trimble X7 looks so different from other scanners

With no visible mirror assembly, the center unit resembles a total station more than a scanner. The X7 actually has the characteristics of both with the first dual vertical drive system. The system integrates a survey grade servo drive from a total station and a protected high speed scanning mirror to enable features like auto-calibration and much more.

Is automatic self-leveling really meant as physically leveled without user intervention?

Certain scanners can measure leveling in all orientations without requiring a manual physical leveling step but are not accurate. Others can deliver a survey-grade accuracy but involve using a tribrach. The Trimble X7 self-leveling technology provides both full automation for quick setup and survey-grade accuracy for data you can trust. The purpose of this whitepaper is to explain the technology behind Trimble X-Drive and the many benefits it brings to 3D laser scanning. The following topics will be covered.

  • Trimble X7 Center Unit
  • X-Drive Vertical Deflection System
  • Automatic Self-Leveling
  • Integrated Camera System
  • Summary of the Features and Benefits

We faced the challenges of 3D scanning. And we solved them. Here’s how. For details, download the complete White Paper.