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Enrich TerraFlex Field Data Capture with Image Annotations & Breadcrumb Logging

The latest release of Trimble® TerraFlex™ software (v5.80) adds two new features to enrich and expand on the capabilities of data captured in the field.

 Annotate & Mark Up Images in the Field

Capturing images provides a rich source of information about how an asset looks and its condition in the real world. The latest update to TerraFlex lets users annotate, crop, and mark up images to highlight certain content or add context.

After the image has been captured in TerraFlex, users now have access to a set of easy-to-use image annotation tools:

  • Draw freehand to highlight details that may be hard to see in the image
  • Place and move shapes to help sketch or diagram real-world interactions
  • Add text to an image for additional context
  • Crop images to focus on key information

Watch a brief overview showing image annotation in TerraFlex.

Capture Breadcrumb Trails

Logging a breadcrumb trail provides an independent record of where crews have worked in the field. When breadcrumb logging is enabled, TerraFlex will automatically record the user's location and write that to a file. The breadcrumb files are periodically synchronized to a folder within their Trimble Connect project and can be combined with other sources of data or be utilized during audits.

Both image annotation and breadcrumb logging are available for users with a TerraFlex Premium or TerraFlex Standard license. Learn more about TerraFlex.