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Increase your field efficiency with Repeat and Incrementing fields in TerraFlex

Trimble TDC600 showing Trimble TerraFlex software form on screen

The latest release of Trimble TerraFlex software adds support for two of the most beloved field behaviors from Trimble TerraSyncRepeat and Auto-incrementing fields. These two functions have been increasing field efficiency and improving data accuracy for TerraSync users for almost 20 years. Now they are available for TerraFlex users on the Trimble Connect platform.

Why use Repeat Field Values?

The nature of collecting field data means collecting a lot of forms about the same types of assets, like a street full of power poles, and the attributes of those assets being similar for each one you collectwhat material the pole is made of, how tall the pole is, etc. Giving your field crews the ability to automate the entry of these attribute values that don’t change from one form to the next means less time spent typing and more time spent collecting the information you need to meet your business goals. 

How to use Repeat Fields in TerraFlex

You can now enable the Repeat option on fields in your form template, and can choose whether field values are repeated automatically or require user confirmation. When a form is captured TerraFlex stores the value entered by the field user. The next time that same form template is captured, the field value will be set to the same value as captured in the previous form. 

Why use Auto-increment Field Values?

Building upon the new Repeat Field functionality is the auto-incrementing field option. For numeric attributes where the values are changing sequentially (for example serial numbers, IDs, or counts) Auto-incrementing fields can be used to automatically calculate the correct next value in the sequence. This takes away the opportunity for human error when entering these values and means faster data capture and less errors in the data you capture, and less user frustration when capturing sequences of similar information.

How to use Auto-increment Fields in TerraFlex

Like the Repeat field, you can enable the auto-increment option within your form template and configure what the increment value is. When a form is captured TerraFlex stores the value entered by the field user. The next time that same form template is captured, TerraFlex will take the previously entered value and then add or subtract the increment value.


The values to be repeated are set based on the last form captured.

Software screen shot of values to be repeated set based on the last form captured in TerraFlex


The next time you open the same form you will get a prompt asking if you want to repeat field values. The icons on the field indicate the value can be repeated or incremented.

Software screen shot of repeat field values prompt in TerraFlex


Fields are populated with repeated and incremented values.

Software screen shot showing fields populated with repeated and incremented values in TerraFlex

To learn more about TerraFlex, visit the web page here.