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Self-Leveling Ensures Survey Grade Level Compensation

The Trimble X7 design is unique in both form and function, integrating a survey-grade servo drive with high speed scanning, automatic self-leveling and an integrated camera system to deliver exceptional reliability and productivity in the field.

How is Trimble X7 self-leveling different from other scanners?

The Trimble X7 self-leveling technology provides both full automation for quick setup and survey-grade accuracy, a performance combination not found in other systems. The scanner achieves survey-grade tilt compensation if the instrument is setup within a working range up to 10° from either side of its vertical axis for upright and upside down scans. Other scanners either can’t achieve survey-grade accuracy or must be manually leveled within a working range of less than 1 or 2° to achieve survey-grade accuracy, requiring more expertise and time in the field.

Watch the our video explaining all the benefits for this unique feature: