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TBC Does That: Sync GIS Data with ArcGIS Geodatabase

What TBC does

With some upfront work, you can avoid exporting and reformatting when moving data between ArcGIS and Trimble Business Center (TBC). The feature schema you created in ArcGIS is used during field data collection in Trimble Access and throughout project completion in TBC. TBC connects the directories and syncs the data in the schema that you originally chose in ArcGIS.

How this helps you

Exporting, merging and reformatting increases the possibility of corrupting data and introducing errors into your project. When the GIS Module in TBC connects to the ArcGIS data source and extracts a schema, the schema is translated into a feature code library that Trimble Access and TBC can understand. The survey crew collects and processes the field data using that feature code library so that the data is synchronized back into the original data source without merging or exporting. Syncing your data between ArcGIS and TBC saves time and reduces the risk of problems.

How it works

The GIS module in TBC handles integration of data with a GIS data source and includes functionality for data synchronization.

  • To get started, create a new project in TBC and connect to an ArcGIS geodatabase or shapefile (multiple connections are allowed for one project).
  • The GIS schema is translated into a feature code library. Take it to Trimble Access to collect data in the field.
  • After the data collection, bring the data back into TBC, process the feature codes, and write it back to the GIS data source.

For more details about using TBC to sync your GIS data, watch this YouTube trilogy:




The “TBC Does That” series, written by the Trimble Business Center (TBC) Team, focuses on the broad range of functionality that TBC delivers to you. Periodically we will release information to help you improve productivity by making the most of TBC’s built-in tools.