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Topo Scanning Tutorial: Trimble Access, SX10, TBC and Civil 3D


This tutorial video series demonstrates a topographic workflow from field to finish. Using the Trimble® SX10 Scanning Total Station and Trimble Access® to collect high resolution imagery and dense point clouds in the field. And, in the office, process and combine the data to create the finished product in Trimble Business Center and AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Video 1: Topo Tutorial with SX10 and TBC Overview


Video 2: Site Control and Trimble Access Workflows



Video 3: TBC Intro and Survey Project Setup



Video 4: Survey Data Review and Editing



Video 5: Scan Registration and Refinement



Video 6: Colorizing Scans and Point Cloud Classification



Video 7: Export from TBC, Import into AutoCAD Civil 3D



Video 8: Creating CAD Linework from Point Cloud Data



Video 9: Surface and Contour Creation



Video 10: Map Creation