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Trimble Perspective for 3D Laser Scanners


Trimble Perspective software offers some exciting settings to boost your experience in the field.

Here are some highlights that can significantly impact your current scan, even after pressing the “Start Scan" button to help enhance your field experience.

Edit image settings during the initialization process.

First, you can still edit image settings during the initialization process when your Trimble® X7 3D laser scanner is auto-calibrating or when your scan is in progress. This means you can turn on or off images if you forgot to do so prior to starting your scan. You can also modify the white balance settings of your images as well.

Properly setting the white balance can improve image quality and make the panorama and point cloud colorization look better.

In Trimble Perspective software you have the option of choosing between the settings:

Trimble Perspective

  • Auto: To be used when you are in dynamic environments where the lighting isn’t consistent, this is the default setting if you have not changed your white balance
  • CloudyEssential when you are outside on overcast days
  • Sunny: This setting is useful when you are outside and in a bright environment
  • Fluorescent: Key for indoors in a space lit by fluorescent lights, which are often more white/blue colored
  • Incandescent: This setting is for when you are indoors with natural light or there are incandescent lights.

Trimble PerspectiveTrimble PerspectiveTrimble Perspective

Take advantage of the register to function located on the right side of the “Start Scan” button. 

This feature allows you to make sure that you are registering to the correct station or if you need to start a new registration set and don’t want the scan to register to the current registration set active in the project.

Trimble Perspective

  • Option A: The current scan is automatically registered to the last scan as default
  • Option B: Choose any scan from your current project to register your active scan to. This is nice when you aren’t able to uniformly go through a site if you cannot get access to an area and need to come back to it, whether you cannot gain access or if there are people active in the area.
  • Option C: Your scan starts a new registration set for the project.

Add labels to your scan before it finishes.

This pairs really nicely especially when you choose Option B for registering to a specific scan in the project. You can label the scan to highlight that it is something you had to go back to after going ahead and scanning a different area to make the most of your time and help bring context for the office.

Trimble Perspective

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