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Trimble R12 Pushes Boundaries in Harsh GNSS Environments

Trimble recently introduced the Trimble R12 to its family of industry-leading GNSS receivers. While users will recognize the same features they trust and appreciate about the Trimble R10 Model 2 receiver – the reliable, fast and accurate collection of survey data – the Trimble R12 also houses a newly-developed GNSS engine that allows users to push the boundaries of where they can go in the field.

GNSS Engine Explores New Territory

The R12 features the new Trimble ProPoint GNSS positioning engine. The new engine allows users to achieve greater accuracy in harsh GNSS environments, mitigating challenges under tree canopy and in other areas known to present difficulty for precise GNSS work (i.e. signal multipath issues around buildings).

The R12, with its Trimble ProPoint GNSS positioning engine, offers:

  • accurate horizontal and vertical point measurements;

  • in-field precision estimates that are reliable;

  • field surveyors the opportunity to keep working in areas where other systems might not allow; and,

  • more productivity on the go, thanks to faster solution convergence.

Trimble Product Manager Andrew Salmon advises customers will quickly notice the improved performance in difficult GNSS environments. “In areas where customers would previously try to go and struggle to meet the required precision level for their job; now, they can go there and get a survey-grade solution in much less time and with greater accuracy,” says Salmon.

The Trimble ProPoint GNSS engine can achieve point measurement results with much better reliability, compared to other receivers on the market. “The surveyor needs to be able to trust the numbers on the screen and make a judgement call to determine if those values are good enough or not,” says Salmon. “With some systems, when you get into areas where the receiver struggles due to elevated levels of noise and multipath, trust becomes an issue and estimates become less reliable.”

The Same Features Users Already Enjoy…and More

The Trimble R12 features all the benefits field users enjoy with the Trimble R10 Model 2, including:

  • The latest and most advanced custom Trimble Survey GNSS ASIC with an industry-leading 672 GNSS channels for unrivaled GNSS constellation tracking, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, IRNSS, as well as the full range of SBAS.

  • Improved power management to increase battery life and operating time in the field by an average of 33%.

  • Increased internal memory (6 GB) to store more than a decade of raw observations.

  • Support for Android and iOS platforms to allow organizations with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments to benefit from a premium survey GNSS receiver by using the mobile devices their field crews already have in their pockets.

  • Trimble SurePoint™ technology for precise positioning capture and full tilt compensation.

  • Trimble xFill® technology for centimeter-level positioning during outages.

  • Support for Trimble CenterPoint® RTX corrections for RTK level precision worldwide.

“The Trimble R12, with its all-new ProPoint GNSS engine, provides superior performance to surveyors working in challenging GNSS environments,“ said Trimble GNSS Market Manager Steffen Lutz. “In addition, we kept the device’s small, well-built structure and functionality set from the known and trusted Trimble R10 GNSS receiver family.”

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