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Trimble + Unearth

Simple geospatial work management backed by the power and precision of Trimble GPS hardware.

Work Management

Centralize project files and historical data on a unified platform

Streamline daily operations with real-time data sharing and mobile-optimized solutions. Monitor work-orders from any device and assign tasks on the fly. Easily reference and share your project files from a single, cloud-based platform.

Data Managements

See all your project data with context

Unearth visualizes your data on a map, allowing you to place & track assets by their physical location. Our tools are data agnostic, supporting nearly any file type. Overlay and annotate 2D plans, organize historical records, and update project data in real-time.

Project Management

Manage service requests, workflows and field service—all on a map

Increase efficiency with custom digital toolkits designed for built-world projects. Eliminate manual processes and monitor project status from anywhere, in real-time. No-code custom workflows adapt to the unique processes of each organization, providing intuitive and fast progress documentation.

Capture Field Data with Speed and Reliability

OnePlace brings all your data together in a map-based work management platform, enhancing the way field and office teams build, inspect, and maintain their infrastructure.

The mobile-optimized platform adapts to the unique workflows of each organization through a no-code customizable framework, seamlessly integrating video, photo, GPS, GIS, and all other file types into a single, actionable system accessible from any device.

Adding real-time GPS data capture capabilities from Trimble enhances the speed and precision of field teams, providing all stakeholders the data accuracy needed to drive end-to-end construction, maintenance, and inspection of their physical assets. 

Combining Unearth and Trimble can save time and money for any number of programs, including: 

  • Preventative and legacy cross bore
  • Vegetation encroachment
  • Fiber network deployment
  • Pipeline replacement

GPS Precision Powered by Trimble

By integrating directly with Trimble’s GNSS, Unearth’s map-based workflows make collecting highly-accurate field data simple, enhancing precision in the placement and tracking of physical assets.