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What’s New with Trimble Tunneling: June 2022

In the latest releases of Trimble® Access™ Tunneling v2022.00 software and Trimble Business Center (TBC) Tunneling software module v5.70, Tunneling surveyors and construction professionals will benefit from expanded delta configurability, customizable reporting, new mesh tools and greater inspection capabilities for point clouds.

These enhanced end-to-end tunneling software solutions will reduce field time and advance surveying capabilities for any project.

Trimble Access Tunnels

Data Measurements Made Easier

Some of the main tasks a tunnel surveyor needs to perform are the set out of rock bolts, anchors, and blast holes, as well as measuring the as-built surface of a tunnel for comparison purposes. Through the enhancements in Trimble Access Tunnels software, users will be able to reduce field time, increase data accuracy and improve consistent data collection and set out processes.

Trimble Access Tunnels has introduced a new split screen feature, which addresses efficiency requirements for projects. Surveyors can view the split screen of the plan view alongside the map–or instrument video on the data collector–while performing set outs, auto-scan, machine positioning and when measuring a position in the tunnel. While using total stations with a camera, the split screen allows surveyors to easily see where their instrument is pointing in the tunnel on the data collector and allows them to adjust the instrument pointing position from the data collector while setting out, ensuring more accurate set out locations and data collection. The Trimble SX12 total station excels with this feature, as it does not require adjustment to knobs, and therefore users can adjust the instrument from the collector while looking at the split screen.

Users will increase accuracy for setting out and benefit from the new process of data collection without the task of toggling between video screens and the set out screen, which leaves room for error and inconsistencies.

Tunneling Split Screen

Delta Configurability

Trimble Access Tunnels v2022.00 offers surveyors the ability to refine their focus on different delta values of interest. As a surveyor performs set outs or stakes to a surface with Trimble Access Tunnels, they are presented with a raft of delta values relating to where the instrument is pointing relative to a chosen point or surface.

All the delta values are beneficial to the surveyor however, the surveyor needs to cycle through the list of deltas to locate the one(s) they wish to observe. With the latest release, Trimble Access Tunnels enables surveyors to select which delta values will be visible on the screen, therefore avoiding the need to cycle through them.

Tunneling Delta Configurability

Trimble Business Center Tunneling

New Set Out Points Report

The Trimble Business Center (TBC) Tunneling software module v5.70 allows users to generate customizable Microsoft® Word-based reports for set out points acquired in the field. The set out reports include the names of the set out points, set out delta information, an image of the cross section of the tunnel design and the location of the set out points relative to the cross section. These reports are perfectly suited for quick reporting of set out points to meet your project requirements.

Tunneling Set Out As-Built Report

New Method of Filtering Point Cloud Data

The redesigned Filter Point Clouds command (which used to be called Filter Scan Station Points) gives users the flexibility to filter and extract a point cloud region within a specified distance from a scan station, CAD line or alignment. With the Filter Point Clouds command, users can apply filters of radius distance from station, distance on all four sides of CAD line or alignment and radius distance from CAD line or alignment. The options of this feature streamline point cloud manipulation and data preparation, resulting in reduced data processing time.

Tunneling Filter by Alignment

Add/Remove As-Built Tunnel Mesh Members Function

With the latest release of TBC Tunneling, users will quickly be able to remove undesired mesh irregularities with the new Add/Remove As-Built Tunnel Mesh Members function and, if too much of the mesh is removed, they can quickly add points from the point cloud back to the mesh using this same function. Additionally, the function allows users to merge point cloud data from other meshes to create an entire, continuous mesh from different point clouds. With the complexities of working with tunneling meshes, this added feature will save time and energy spent on adjusting for irregularities in point cloud data.

Tunneling Mesh Outlier

Point Cloud Inspections

With the latest release, users can now inspect and display the deviation between a mesh and point cloud regions, or between two point cloud regions, using the new Scan Inspection function. The use of the command displays a differential color map and deviations between two regions. This is useful for quality analysis and ensuring that projects are within tolerance. It is possible to view the deviations in the map's graphic view and generate an inspection report, which can be handed off to stakeholders for quality assurance checks.

Note: this feature is different from the Create Tunnel Inspection Map function, which compares two meshes and identifies their differences.

Tunneling Scan Inspection

Interested in Trimble Access Tunnels or Trimble Business Center Tunneling software? Reach out to the Trimble Tunneling team here to discuss your tunneling projects and learn more.