Trimble X7: Auto-Calibration Eliminates the Guesswork

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Inside the Trimble X7: Deep Dive into Trimble X7 Auto-Calibration 3 3 Automatic Calibration Let's start with a simple analogy before we get into the nuts and bolts. Consider the calibration equipment required to produce and service 3D laser scanners today. Different equipment can weigh over 200 kg (500 lbs) and cost over €200,000 ($220,000). Now imagine miniature versions of this equipment included inside the Trimble X7 to enable automatic calibrations anywhere. Part of the secret is in the base where a miniaturized internal collimator performs full angular calibrations and axis error measurements. Figure 1: Miniaturized internal collimator is in the base The Trimble X7 auto-calibrates distance and angular measurements similar to how calibration equipment is used to calibrate "standard" laser scanners, but on a much smaller scale. The EDM scanner and the deflection unit are integrated inside the scanning center unit. The deflection unit contains a high-speed motor and an encoder system. Located in the center unit is a mirror capable of measuring the trunnion axis error. In addition, a standard total station vertical drive and angle encoder system is integrated into the alidade, meaning that the complete center unit including the deflection unit and EDM source can be rotated around the trunnion axis in the manner characteristic of total stations.

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