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Improve Mine Survey & Monitoring Tasks with Trimble Access Mines v2021.20

TA Mines v2021.20

Cut Scanning Time in Half With New Half-Dome Scanning

For mining surveyors, efficiency is everything. While laser scanning offers high quality, comprehensive data, reducing collection time is a high priority for underground surveyors. Typically, mine surveyors will only require a scan in the forward direction, collecting as-built data of newly excavated areas, while the data behind them is irrelevant. The requirement to perform a Full Dome scan (scanning 360° around) can be time consuming, especially when only half the data is needed.

Half Dome

With the release of Trimble Access v2021.20 mine surveyors can now limit the focus of their scan to the forward direction only by utilizing the new Half-Dome Scan option. This new scanning method provides a critical boost for productivity, cutting scanning time by 50%. As the graphic above suggests, you can set the direction of your scan by aiming toward the face of the tunnel advance, and then scan only that which is in front of you. This time savings enables you to be far more efficient, both in the field and in the office. By capturing only that data which matters most to your workflow, you can save precious time in the field and make decisions in real-time. Back in the office, the more focused dataset reduces processing time and provides a streamlined point cloud, perfect for fast delivery to stakeholders.

Direct LAS Export

Direct LAS Export

Coinciding with the new half-dome scan option, users can now export point clouds directly from the field by choosing the LAS Point Cloud export option. This new export class enables you to take your point cloud straight from Trimble Access Mines and deliver it immediately to the mine design software of your choice. Here, mining engineers and geologists can rapidly inspect, review, and verify the mining progress and continue their design work to produce further deliverables as needed.

To export an LAS file directly from Trimble Access Mines, simply navigate to the main menu, select your job, and click Export. Here, select LAS Point Cloud from the file format drop down menu and click Accept.

NOTE: The LAS point cloud export option is only available to those with a valid LAS Export license. To purchase this license, contact your local Trimble Distributor.

Usability Enhancements

Autostake Grade

In addition to the new features mentioned above, Trimble Access v2021.20 brings critical usability updates to make your experience more streamlined and efficient. Firstly, when staking out things like grade lines and centerlines, you no longer need to define a start and end station. You can simply point the instrument toward the location where you want to start staking out, and select the ‘Start auto stake at laser position’ checkbox. This will automatically determine your station, thereby saving you from needing to know or calculate your stationing in the mine.

Additionally, when using the rectangular selection tool to visually select blast holes for set out, collars will now automatically be listed in the order that they are defined in the file. This enables you to have a consistent and predictable set out experience, rather than jumping between points in the order they may have been selected.

Finally, the surface inspection tool can now be accessed directly from within the Trimble Access Mines application via the COGO menu item. This makes the inspection of overbreak and underbreak significantly easier in the field, and no longer requires users to leave the Mines application to do so.


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