• Rapidly collect enormous amounts of highly accurate, geo-referenced spatial data and transform it into information-rich 3D models
  • Plan, design, build and maintain modern infrastructure, while maximizing safety and effectiveness
  • Process terabytes of immersive imagery and point clouds for entire cities, highway networks, rail systems and utility corridors collected at highway or railway speeds, often in a single pass
  • Bundled premium sensors systems and productivity software facilitate projects that would be too slow and cost-prohibitive to complete using traditional mapping and survey approaches


  • Versatile system offers significant operational flexibility
  • Outstanding performance and value with low cost of ownership
  • Optimizes staff utilization and lowers skill requirements
  • Reduces project timescales through fast deployment, data capture, and analysis
  • Highly efficient, proven analysis workflows
  • Enhances operational capabilities and expands market opportunities

Trimble Business Center 

For Mobile Mapping system such as the Trimble MX9, survey and construction professionals can now easily integrate these multi-sensor data types together within the single software environment, streamlining their workflows and increasing productivity. Learn more

Trimble MX

Neatly organize all single runs, bundle raw data into manageable projects, clean up artifacts, control positional accuracy, consolidate vital details and deliver excellent results: 

Trimble MX Content Manager efficiently cleans and organizes data for deliverable production

Trimble MX Asset Modeler easily extracts features and measurements to populate geo databases and other systems of record

Trimble MX Asset Modeler enables you to remove personal privacy items, such as car plates and faces.

Trimble MX Publisher simplifies the sharing of mobile mapping results with project stakeholders

Trimble MX Publisher Plug-ins simplify accessing mobile mapping data in many popular GIS and CAD environments

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Mobile Mapping Hardware

Mobile Mapping Software