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Why Trimble Mobile Mapping Solutions?

Whatever your project or budget, Trimble’s complete portfolio of mobile mapping solutions gives you a choice to meet your needs.

Whether your interest is in capturing immersive imagery to create a mapping based street view application or you are looking to undertake precise survey and engineering projects, Trimble has a mobile mapping solution waiting to be discovered.

  • Fast deployment, data capture, and analysis
  • Highly efficient, proven analysis workflows
  • Versatile, operational flexibility
  • Optimize staff utilization
  • Outstanding performance, low cost of ownership
  • Field to finish, complete workflows

Trimble Mobile Mapping Portfolio Brochure

Discover Mobile Mapping, Driving Innovation

Complete Portfolio

At Trimble, we focus on the complete system and workflow, with complementary software products that are common across the portfolio.

Premium sensor systems and productive software facilitate project execution that would be too slow and cost-prohibitive to complete using traditional mapping and survey approaches. Trimble’s advanced software, scanning and imaging solutions give you the power to:

  • Rapidly collect enormous amounts of highly accurate, geo-referenced spatial data, and transform it into information-rich 3D models
  • Plan, design, build, and maintain modern infrastructure, while maximizing safety and effectiveness
  • Process terabytes of immersive imagery and point clouds for entire cities, highway networks, rail systems and utility corridors collected at highway or railway speeds, often in a single pass

Trimble Mobile Mapping Product Comparison

With speed and safety


Trimble Mobile Mapping provides reliable and compact systems that can be easily mounted on a range of different vehicles.

TMI field software ensures an intuitive data capture workflow, allowing the operator to rapidly set system parameters and manage a data capture mission. A tablet or laptop PC inside the vehicle enables browser-based operations while the associated software allows for data and images to flow efficiently between the field and the office.

With integrated workflows


Following data capture, integrated office software tools which fit seamlessly into the Trimble ecosystem allow the processing of the data and the generation of meaningful deliverables.

Rely on Trimble's industry leading direct geo-referencing to determine the best trajectory and unlock the power of mobile mapping data by extracting survey, engineering or GIS data. Create new or use existing data schemas and connect to existing databases or export data in CAD, BIM or GIS formats.

With project stakeholders


Utilize Trimble MX Publisher and enable multiple users to access and use the data for visualization, measurement, and local feature extraction.

Combine point cloud data, panoramic and planar imagery, vector data and raster resources as well as 3D models into one single publication. Measure points, lines, area, catenaries, distances or volumes and save measurement results locally on your PC or in common GIS and CAD environments using the available plugins.


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