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High accuracy GNSS positioning-as-a-service for Android and iOS mobile apps

Trimble DA2 GNSS Receiver: Simply Precise

The engine at the heart of the Catalyst positioning service is the Trimble DA2 receiver. Don't be fooled by its small size and even smaller price tag. Built using Trimble ProPoint™ GNSS technology, DA2 delivers survey-quality RTK positioning to location-enabled Android or iOS apps. Whether mounted on a survey pole, a backpack or the Catalyst Handle accessory, its lightweight, compact size makes it easy to carry and stow anywhere, so the DA2 is ready to go whenever you need it.


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Choose Your Subscription

Catalyst subscriptions are available at a range of accuracy levels to suit your particular job requirements.

  • Catalyst 1 = Centimeter-level (1 cm)
  • Catalyst 10 = Decimeter (10 cm)
  • Catalyst 30 = Sub-foot (30 cm)
  • Catalyst 60 = Sub-meter (60 cm)

Whether you're carrying out mapping or mobile GIS data collection projects, Catalyst has the positioning accuracy for every workflow.

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Catalyst monthly and annual subscriptions are ideal for seasonal, project-based, and predictable usage.

  • Purchase a subscription for one month-at-a-time, multiple months-at-a-time or annually for a fixed number of users, at the level of accuracy you and your teams require

Catalyst On Demand hourly usage plans are perfect for unpredictable and fluctuating usage and team sizes.

  • Purchase from as little as 10 hours at a time for use by any number of users, and receive centimeter-level accuracy for your workflows

You’re always in complete control over how much you spend and when you spend it. What could be simpler?

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Catalyst subscriptions include worldwide and configuration-free access to Trimble correction services through the Trimble Corrections Hub (TCH) which bundles access to Trimble VRS Now and Trimble RTX services for every subscriber at no extra cost.

TCH dynamically selects the appropriate correction service based on the environment, availability, and your subscription level. Or, use your own local correction sources if you prefer.

View detailed Trimble VRS Now & RTX Coverage Maps >

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