Trimble X9 3D Laser Scanning System

Versatile advanced scanning and imaging you can depend on.

Built on proven Trimble laser scanning technologies that include automatic instrument calibration, self leveling and laser pointer for georeferencing, the Trimble X9 with Trimble Perspective software, delivers from field to office with confidence.

Trimble X9 3D laser scanner features


  • Self calibrating for dependable data every scan.
  • Survey grade self leveling for fast, easy setup.
  • IP55 environmental protection against dust and water.
  • Wide operating temperature range to keep you working all year long.


  • Fast scan times of less than 1 minute can be reached for fast project completion.
  • 150 m range to put more projects within reach.
  • High accuracy and low range noise point cloud data for detailed digital twins.


  • High speed scanning up to 1 million pts/s.
  • Better range, angular accuracy and data quality to support a wider range of applications.
  • Enhanced sensitivity for standard scans to capture difficult dark or shiny surfaces.
  • Flexible operation with tablet, phone, or one-button workflow.

Trimble Perspective Software

  • In-field registration.
  • In-field 3D data visualization.
  • Georeferencing with laser pointer and precision point.
  • Area scan for higher density on critical areas.

Trimble X9 Applications

The Trimble X9 quickly captures features for land title surveys, buildings, roads, intersections, site improvements, encroaching elements and complex structures:

  • Document and highlight features or items of interest using annotations.
  • Assign labels to each scan to create logical scan groups and annotations with pictures while scanning the next station.
  • Use auto-classification tools in Trimble’s office software to extract data corresponding to the ground, buildings, powerlines, signs, vegetation, and more.
  • Create as-builts of road corridors, intersections, roadway surfaces, lane striping, flow lines, manholes, right of ways, overhead power lines, and other features.
Trimble X9 3D laser scanning general survey application

With the Trimble X9, you can create as-built documentation for drawings or models for bridges, tunnels, dams and other civil infrastructure with a range that allows for operation from a safe distance, while the area scan feature provides high-resolution data on areas of interest. Also use it to:

  • Incorporate scan information in clearance calculations, modeling, inspections, renovations, and expansion work.
  • Leverage high-speed data capture and quickly capture area scans to reduce downtime for critical infrastructure projects.
  • Benefit from HDR image quality for visual inspection and sharing of information.
  • Register in the field to verify scan data is complete before importing to Trimble Business Center or Trimble RealWorks at the office.
Trimble X9 3D  laser scanner, civil infrastructure application

The Trimble X9 enables users to create accurate as-builts of complex industrial facilities for modeling and revamp designs. Also use it to:

  • Take high-resolution area scans for more detail on points of interest and safely capture inaccessible areas from a distance.
  • Benefit from high sensitivity to capture dark and reflective surfaces.
  •  Enhance in-field documentation with annotations and pictures of tie-in locations inside Trimble Perspective.
  • Georeference scans to plant coordinate systems using Trimble RealWorks target-based registration and survey control for export-to-plant design software to do piping layouts, check fabrication spools, and detect interferences with CAD models.
Trimble X9 3D laser scanner, industrial survey application

For forensics applications, use the Trimble X9’s high-speed scanning and imaging to capture information at crime scenes and vehicular accidents and minimize road closures, even in extreme weather conditions. Also use it to:

  • Benefit from high sensitivity for dark and reflective surfaces.
  • Add annotations with pictures to points of interest and take measurements in the field.
  • Benefit from automatic field calibration with reporting for court documentation.
  • Register in the field to verify complete data capture before leaving the scene.
  • Export data to Trimble Forensics Reveal software for creation of 2D/3D diagrams and animations for investigation and reconstruction.
Trimble X9 3D laser scanner, forensics application

The Trimble X9 helps you plan restoration efforts or simply capture history. Historic preservation projects require great detail to inspect or monitor surface deterioration as well as HDR imagery for documentation, analysis and restoration. Also use it to:

  • Retain important details with high-resolution area scans on points of interest and safely capture inaccessible areas from a distance.
  • Digitally preserve fragile structures for re-creation.
  • Document and share the site with panoramas and clear color imagery.
  • Add annotations in the field with images to highlight critical areas of interest back in the office.
  • Check data quality before leaving the site to eliminate costly and time-consuming field revisit.
Trimble X9 3D laser scanner, cultural heritage application

The Trimble X9 makes it possible to safely and effectively create as-built models for scan- to-BIM and renovations and provides clarity for adaptive reuse, building extensions and inspection of facades and elevations. Also use it to:

  • Optimize commercial building design accessibility.
  • Produce high quality colorized point clouds to clearly view the project off-site. 
  • Register in the field to eliminate the risk of return visits, especially where access permits are difficult to obtain.
  • Transfer data to Trimble Business Center, Trimble RealWorks or other CAD software for final analysis and design.
Trimble X9 3D laser scanner, digital twin application

Use the Trimble X9 to scan above ground storage tanks for dimensioning, inspection, and secondary containment analysis.

  • Reduce downtime with high-speed scanning backed by an IP55 rating with a two-year warranty for reliable operation in extreme conditions.
  • Efficiently capture precise details of storage tanks and surrounding containment areas to document verticality, roundness, and integrity.
  • Easily capture and verify data in the field before importing into Trimble RealWorks Storage Tank module.
  • Perform detailed deformation analysis and inspection according to API standards, calculate basic tank calibration and filing tables as well as perform secondary containment volume assessment.
Trimble X9 3D laser scanner, tank—calibration & inspection application

Whether your ship is at port or in drydock, the Trimble X9 efficiently creates  as-builts for new construction, renovation, and optimization. Also use it to:

  • Benefit from high sensitivity to capture dark and reflective surfaces.
  • Capture data of the hull, on deck or in holds with high resolution at sufficient range.
  • Quickly scan ballast tanks in preparation for water treatment systems for retrofit to comply with IMO mandates.
  • Obtain the level of detail needed by the naval architect before the ship leaves port.
Trimble X9 3D laser scanner, ship building surveys  application
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