Warranty Date - June 1st, 2021

Download v5.51 Here

Import, process, register, calibrate and export Trimble MX50 raw data - TBC now supports the new Trimble MX50 Mobile Mapping instrument. Use tools to do the following (as applicable):

  • View and overlay image, laser and trajectory data.
  • Navigate in the Plan View, 3D View, and Run View.
  • Import and apply a post-processed trajectory to image and/or laser data.
  • Create and colorize a point cloud.
  • Georeference MX50 data with the registration tools.
  • Calibrate either MX50 camera or lasers.
  • Use TBC’s point cloud, CAD, and GIS tools to work with the MX50 data.
  • Export the MX50 data to TMX, TopoDot and Solv3D.
  • Integration of POSPac in TBC - You can compute the SBET trajectory information within TBC without having to use the Applanix's POSPac MMS application.
  • Image blurring of vehicles and people on data export is in line with GDPR requirements for data sharing.

For a comprehensive list of enhancements and bug fixes, please see the Read Me document here.



Warranty Date - June 1st, 2021

Download v5.50 Here

  • Updated ArcGIS connection to ArcMap and ArcPro
  • Enhanced IFC and TRB support
  • Numerous Aerial Photogrammetry workflow improvements and hardware support
  • Added capabilities and semi-automated approaches for linear feature extraction and extracting cross-sections from point clouds
  • Improved Tunneling and Monitoring inspection workflows for analysis and reporting
  • New entry-level TBC Starter subscription edition to better align with customer needs

For a comprehensive list of enhancements, please see the release notes here.



Warranty Date - December 1st, 2020

Download v5.40 Here

  • Linear feature extraction
  • DJI Phantom 4 RTK support + UASMaster 10.4.1 
  • Modernized licensing options
  • Enhanced Tunneling workflows
  • Brand new ANZ Toolbox and Monitoring modules
  • New earthworks summary report
  • Scanning workflow enhancements
  • Time-dependent transformation improvements

For a comprehensive list of enhancements, please see the release notes here.


Warranty Date - April 1st, 2020

Download v5.32.1 Here

  • CDDIS FTP update - The current Internet download service CDDIS FTP, which is accessible when using the Internet Download command, will be obsolete on Oct 31. Because the newly updated FTP site is available now, TBC v5.32 links to the new site. This ensures that you will have uninterrupted access to this service, and no changes are required on your part. For additional information, visit the CDDIS website at https://cddis.nasa.gov.
  • A number of bug fixes are also included in this release, more details can be found in the release notes here.


Warranty Date - April 1st, 2020

  • Baseline processing mode included in report 
  • Show volumes on cross-section sheets
  • CAD block feature enhancements
  • Faster imports of TDX files
  • Faster point feature extraction
  • Support for Siteworks Android data structure
  • Reduce the density of VisionLink data for machine data surfaces
  • Register Run to Run command enhancements
  • Faster generation of Mobile Mapping scans in case of zero velocity
  • RiMTA dll Upgrade
  • License Manager enhancements


Warranty Date - April 1st, 2020

  • CAD command line
  • Point feature extraction - poles and signs
  • Tunnel view enhancements
    • Display road corridors in the Tunnel View
    • Create and edit tunnel offsets and rotation
    • Display multiple tunnel designs
  • New surface commands
    • Flatten surface
    • Create lines at intersecting surfaces
  • Mobile Mapping enhancements
    • Enhanced Target Picking for Registration
    • Manual Camera Calibration
    • Automatic Laser Scanner Calibration
  • Trimble Access road strings export
    • Option for GENIO format
    • Include side slope information


Warranty Date - March 31, 2020

  • WorksManager Interoperability in TBC


Warranty Date - October 1, 2019

  • Trimble X7 laser scanning support
  • Publish survey data and point cloud data to Trimble Clarity
  • Prepare models for Trimble SiteVision
  • Parametric vertical design tools
  • UAV processing engine update
  • Plane picker for MX9 registration
  • MX9 run-to-reference run registration
  • Split MX9 run for registration


Warranty Date - May 1, 2019

  • IFC file format rendering, georeferencing, and exporting
  • Custom Takeoff Report redesign
  • Detect Crossing Geometry command
  • LAS/LAZ scalar controls upon import and export
  • Registration routines for MX9 mobile mapping data
  • Create and edit feature libraries and attributes directly in TBC
  • User-defined heights for tree and pole diameter within the Point Feature Extraction command
  • TopoDOT mobile mapping and terrestrial scan and image data exports
  • Copy and paste corridor instructions between projects
  • Create side slope command


Warranty Date - November 1, 2018

  • Merged with BC-HCE - one product for survey and construction survey CAD workflows
  • MX9 mobile mapping hardware support
  • Terrestrial laser scanning support for TX6, TX8, and FARO (*.fls) formats
  • Automatic and manual point feature extraction from point clouds
  • Subplane and digital cross-section creation along a path, alignment, or normal to a plane definition
  • Trimble Macro Language (TML) introduced to write custom TBC commands
  • Delair UX11 *.jxl GNSS and non-GNSS PPK support in Aerial Photogrammetry
  • User interface and theme refresh - light theme and traditional theme available
  • Point cloud improvements within Tunneling module workflows
  • Polyline export and native Autodesk linestyle support
  • Graphical and user interface improvements within Adjust Traverse routine


Warranty Date - April 1, 2018

  • Build tunnel geometry, create custom as-built reports, and integrate with Trimble Access Tunnels in the new Tunneling module
  • Create custom planes to define overhang or vertical surfaces with Projected Surfaces
  • Lock feature-coded geometry from edits, search features and attributes, and export features and attributes to *.dwg
  • Adjust oblique images and create point clouds with the included UASMaster v9.0
  • Import senseFly eMotion mission data and prepare eMotion flights
  • Post-process SSF files from TerraSync
  • Label in ground coordinates, create map closure reports from labeled precisions, and create points in the Double Proportioning routine


Warranty Date - November 1, 2017

  • Share project data using Trimble Clarity, Trimble's online geospatial data viewer
  • Leverage DigitalGlobe imagery as background maps
  • Process static baselines with an improved static GNSS baseline processing engine
  • Draft plan sets in TBC Advanced edition - all TBC Advanced Drafting module functionality added to TBC Advanced edition
  • Export point cloud files to *.las or *.laz format in US Survey Feet or International Feet
  • Choose ground or grid scaling when exporting point clouds
  • Export mobile mapping panoramas to Mapillary
  • Use the History Log to view all commands performed since the project's creation
  • TBC Complete renamed to TBC Intermediate


Warranty Date - May 1, 2017

  • Create, edit, and transform CAD geometry and points in the Cutting Plane View
  • Extract curb and gutter linestrings from point clouds in the SmartPick tool
  • Use the Legal Description Writer to compose phrase templates to automatically create legal descriptions for parcels
  • Draft with ortho mode, three-point rectangle, and three-point circle commands
  • Create orthophotos from point cloud data or rectified images from station-based images
  • Use new ground, spatial, or vertical plane picker and drafting tools for mobile mapping Run View data
  • Find and execute commands easier with the improved Command Pane (F12) tool


Warranty Date - November 1, 2016

  • Support for SX10 with new and improved scanning workflows
  • Support for 3rd party Total Station, RTK and UAS data for full survey data integration
  • Customized reporting for more project flexibility, communication and automation
  • Workflows supporting more survey data flexibility through ability to insert grid points
  • CAD and Drafting enhancements including COGO creation tools and misclosure reports
  • The optional Scanning Module adds point cloud registration and automation workflows
    • Point cloud Registration, Refinement and Georeferencing
    • Automatic classification and ground extraction
    • Point Cloud Sampling
    • Converting Scan points to CAD points
    • Virtual DR


Warranty Date - April 1, 2016

  • The ability to merge edited survey data from multiple TBC projects in a single master project
  • New Feature Definition Manager options to automatically skip above ground objects when creating surfaces
  • Easy toggling between Global and Local coordinates to simplify site calibration and more
  • GIS Module enhancements including the ability to get data along with schema from a geodatabase
  • CAD and Drafting enhancements including dynamic scale bars, new labeling options, and easy filet and chamfer operations
  • Automatic ground extraction from point clouds to get results faster
  • Spatial and random point cloud sampling for greater efficiency


Warranty Date - November 1, 2015

  • New GIS Module for integrating Survey and GIS data
  • Improved processing algorithms to the Aerial Photogrammetry module to ensure successful adjustment and reduced processing times and a more descriptive report
  • In addition to keying in level data now you can import digital level data and integrate it with your GNSS and conventional data for improved vertical accuracy
  • New Layer Manager and other improvements to the Feature Definition Manager enable more efficient feature coding and attribution
  • Support for the VRS derived base station data in GNSS post-processing


Warranty Date - April 1, 2015

  • New Data Prep Module for creating 3D models from 2D data by allowing you to: 
    • Import, Place and Georeference Raster and Vector PDF data 
    • Automatically extract linework data from Adobe PDF vector files 
    • Digitize your Raster PDF and images using streamlined workflows 
    • Elevate your 2D data into 3D using automated command 
    • Standardize your layers to streamline your deliverables and for easier project management 
    • Use Project Cleanup to remove any unwanted CAD objects and cleanup up your data 
  • New Automated Dynamic Labeling and Dimensioning commands for creating your plotting deliverables 
  • New Total Station Editor for efficient review and keying-in your observations by hand 
  • Expanded Level Editor allowing you to key-in your non-digital level observations 
  • Create point clouds from images captured by V10 and Trimble Vision instruments 
  • Supporting exciting new features in S5, S7 and S9 total station instruments 
  • New baseline processor with support for individual constellation processing and better outlier detection for higher accuracy as well as support for the new R8s receiver


Warranty Date - November 1, 2014

  • Smooth Contours and Contour Labelling
  • Export Processed Data to RINEX
  • Save and Reuse Corridor Templates
  • Create Dynaview Boundary Collections
  • Large number of Trimble Vision and V10 improvements