Warranty Date - April 1st, 2021

Download v5.31 Here

  • Baseline processing mode included in report 
  • Show volumes on cross-section sheets
  • CAD block feature enhancements
  • Faster imports of TDX files
  • Faster point feature extraction
  • Support for Siteworks Android data structure
  • Reduce the density of VisionLink data for machine data surfaces
  • Register Run to Run command enhancements
  • Faster generation of Mobile Mapping scans in case of zero velocity
  • RiMTA dll Upgrade
  • License Manager enhancements


Warranty Date - April 1st, 2021

Download v5.30 

  • CAD command line
  • Point feature extraction - poles and signs
  • Tunnel view enhancements
    • Display road corridors in the Tunnel View
    • Create and edit tunnel offsets and rotation
    • Display multiple tunnel designs
  • New surface commands
    • Flatten surface
    • Create lines at intersecting surfaces
  • Mobile Mapping enhancements
    • Enhanced Target Picking for Registration
    • Manual Camera Calibration
    • Automatic Laser Scanner Calibration
  • Trimble Access road strings export
    • Option for GENIO format
    • Include side slope information


Warranty Date - March 31, 2021

  • WorksManager Interoperability in TBC


Warranty Date - October 1, 2019

  • Trimble X7 laser scanning support
  • Publish survey data and point cloud data to Trimble Clarity
  • Prepare models for Trimble SiteVision
  • Parametric vertical design tools
  • UAV processing engine update
  • Plane picker for MX9 registration
  • MX9 run-to-reference run registration
  • Split MX9 run for registration


Warranty Date - May 1, 2019

  • IFC file format rendering, georeferencing, and exporting
  • Custom Takeoff Report redesign
  • Detect Crossing Geometry command
  • LAS/LAZ scalar controls upon import and export
  • Registration routines for MX9 mobile mapping data
  • Create and edit feature libraries and attributes directly in TBC
  • User-defined heights for tree and pole diameter within the Point Feature Extraction command
  • TopoDOT mobile mapping and terrestrial scan and image data exports
  • Copy and paste corridor instructions between projects
  • Create side slope command


Warranty Date - November 1, 2018

  • Merged with BC-HCE - one product for survey and construction survey CAD workflows
  • MX9 mobile mapping hardware support
  • Terrestrial laser scanning support for TX6, TX8, and FARO (*.fls) formats
  • Automatic and manual point feature extraction from point clouds
  • Subplane and digital cross-section creation along a path, alignment, or normal to a plane definition
  • Trimble Macro Language (TML) introduced to write custom TBC commands
  • Delair UX11 *.jxl GNSS and non-GNSS PPK support in Aerial Photogrammetry
  • User interface and theme refresh - light theme and traditional theme available
  • Point cloud improvements within Tunneling module workflows
  • Polyline export and native Autodesk linestyle support
  • Graphical and user interface improvements within Adjust Traverse routine


Warranty Date - April 1, 2018

  • Build tunnel geometry, create custom as-built reports, and integrate with Trimble Access Tunnels in the new Tunneling module
  • Create custom planes to define overhang or vertical surfaces with Projected Surfaces
  • Lock feature-coded geometry from edits, search features and attributes, and export features and attributes to *.dwg
  • Adjust oblique images and create point clouds with the included UASMaster v9.0
  • Import senseFly eMotion mission data and prepare eMotion flights
  • Post-process SSF files from TerraSync
  • Label in ground coordinates, create map closure reports from labeled precisions, and create points in the Double Proportioning routine


Warranty Date - November 1, 2017

  • Share project data using Trimble Clarity, Trimble's online geospatial data viewer
  • Leverage DigitalGlobe imagery as background maps
  • Process static baselines with an improved static GNSS baseline processing engine
  • Draft plan sets in TBC Advanced edition - all TBC Advanced Drafting module functionality added to TBC Advanced edition
  • Export point cloud files to *.las or *.laz format in US Survey Feet or International Feet
  • Choose ground or grid scaling when exporting point clouds
  • Export mobile mapping panoramas to Mapillary
  • Use the History Log to view all commands performed since the project's creation
  • TBC Complete renamed to TBC Intermediate


Warranty Date - May 1, 2017

  • Create, edit, and transform CAD geometry and points in the Cutting Plane View
  • Extract curb and gutter linestrings from point clouds in the SmartPick tool
  • Use the Legal Description Writer to compose phrase templates to automatically create legal descriptions for parcels
  • Draft with ortho mode, three-point rectangle, and three-point circle commands
  • Create orthophotos from point cloud data or rectified images from station-based images
  • Use new ground, spatial, or vertical plane picker and drafting tools for mobile mapping Run View data
  • Find and execute commands easier with the improved Command Pane (F12) tool


Warranty Date - November 1, 2016

  • Support for SX10 with new and improved scanning workflows
  • Support for 3rd party Total Station, RTK and UAS data for full survey data integration
  • Customized reporting for more project flexibility, communication and automation
  • Workflows supporting more survey data flexibility through ability to insert grid points
  • CAD and Drafting enhancements including COGO creation tools and misclosure reports
  • The optional Scanning Module adds point cloud registration and automation workflows
    • Point cloud Registration, Refinement and Georeferencing
    • Automatic classification and ground extraction
    • Point Cloud Sampling
    • Converting Scan points to CAD points
    • Virtual DR


Warranty Date - April 1, 2016

  • The ability to merge edited survey data from multiple TBC projects in a single master project
  • New Feature Definition Manager options to automatically skip above ground objects when creating surfaces
  • Easy toggling between Global and Local coordinates to simplify site calibration and more
  • GIS Module enhancements including the ability to get data along with schema from a geodatabase
  • CAD and Drafting enhancements including dynamic scale bars, new labeling options, and easy filet and chamfer operations
  • Automatic ground extraction from point clouds to get results faster
  • Spatial and random point cloud sampling for greater efficiency


Warranty Date - November 1, 2015

  • New GIS Module for integrating Survey and GIS data
  • Improved processing algorithms to the Aerial Photogrammetry module to ensure successful adjustment and reduced processing times and a more descriptive report
  • In addition to keying in level data now you can import digital level data and integrate it with your GNSS and conventional data for improved vertical accuracy
  • New Layer Manager and other improvements to the Feature Definition Manager enable more efficient feature coding and attribution
  • Support for the VRS derived base station data in GNSS post-processing


Warranty Date - April 1, 2015

  • New Data Prep Module for creating 3D models from 2D data by allowing you to: 
    • Import, Place and Georeference Raster and Vector PDF data 
    • Automatically extract linework data from Adobe PDF vector files 
    • Digitize your Raster PDF and images using streamlined workflows 
    • Elevate your 2D data into 3D using automated command 
    • Standardize your layers to streamline your deliverables and for easier project management 
    • Use Project Cleanup to remove any unwanted CAD objects and cleanup up your data 
  • New Automated Dynamic Labeling and Dimensioning commands for creating your plotting deliverables 
  • New Total Station Editor for efficient review and keying-in your observations by hand 
  • Expanded Level Editor allowing you to key-in your non-digital level observations 
  • Create point clouds from images captured by V10 and Trimble Vision instruments 
  • Supporting exciting new features in S5, S7 and S9 total station instruments 
  • New baseline processor with support for individual constellation processing and better outlier detection for higher accuracy as well as support for the new R8s receiver


Warranty Date - November 1, 2014

  • Smooth Contours and Contour Labelling
  • Export Processed Data to RINEX
  • Save and Reuse Corridor Templates
  • Create Dynaview Boundary Collections
  • Large number of Trimble Vision and V10 improvements