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Changing Sounds in Trimble Access for you Digital Survey Workflows

Trimble Access Sounds

Did you know that you can customize the sounds used by Trimble® Access™ software for some of the common interface commands? These sounds files are stored in Trimble Access software’s Sounds library according to the device and language you are using:

On a windows device you can find the sound folder here:
C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Access\General Survey\Languages\English\Sounds

On an android device you can find the sound folder here:
Internal Storage\Trimble Data\Languages\English\Sounds

We created a fun alternative sound pack. You can download it and use it to replace your existing Sounds folder:

Create Your Own Custom Sounds

If you want to go further and create your own custom sounds, then you can replace the individual sound files with your own recorded sound file.
Each of these can be replaced by a file of the same name - and in .wav format. So you can record your own phrase to replace these commands and customize your Trimble Access!

Some recommendations:

  • Replace the individual files with sound files of the same name
  • Files will need to be short, 2 to 3 words if possible
  • Files will need to be in native .wav format (not converted sound files)
  • Before customizing your Sounds library, make a copy of the original sounds folder contents so if required you can return the Sounds folder to its original state.

If you want to revert back to the original folder of Trimble Access Sounds, you can download that here (from Trimble Access v2021.21 installation files) Existing Sounds Library.