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Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar in Trimble RealWorks

Welcome back to another entry of Scanning Tips and Tricks, covering how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar in Trimble® RealWorks®. Save time by reducing the need to navigate menus when using your favorite RealWorks tools.

By default, tools such as Open, Undo, Save and Measure are available from the Quick Access Toolbar located at the top of the RealWorks window.

If you find yourself using other tools more frequently, you can customize the available tools in your toolbar. Select the dropdown arrow to access the customization options.

The dropdown list allows you to select or deselect some of the available options. If you wish to include other tools in your Quick Access Toolbar, select the More Commands… option.

After selecting the More Commands… option, you can browse through the entire tool library from the tabs found on the user interface ribbon. Select the dropdown arrow to change the ribbon tab.

Once you find the ribbon tab you need, the listed tool sets will update.

To update the Quick Access Toolbar, select a tool from the list of commands on the left and use the Add>> option to move the tool over to your toolbar.

Unused tools can be excluded from the Quick Access Toolbar by selecting the tool from the right list and using the <<Remove option. Additionally, tools can be reordered in the toolbar by using the up and down arrows, or the toolbar reset to default by using the Reset button.

When satisfied with the changes, click OK to save the changes.

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About the Author

Jeff Turgeon is the Technical Product Manager for 3D Laser Scanning Software within Trimble's Geospatial Sector. He is the Product Manager for Trimble RealWorks and Trimble Perspective, and the Vertical Lead for the scanning module within Trimble Business Center. He is a Canadian geomatics Engineer In Training with previous experience working for a British Columbia Land Surveyor. He was drawn to the geospatial industry for its development and use of technology, complex problem solving, global application, and focus on furthering efficiency and sustainability goals across an array of industries.

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