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Effortless Flexibility: Introducing the Trimble TDC6 Data Collector

The Trimble TDC6, a versatile and easy-to-use data collector for mapping and survey field data collection, is now available.

Close up view of Trimble TDC6 data collector held in a hand running Trimble TerraFlex on screenThe flexible Trimble TDC6 data collector.

The Trimble® TDC6 handheld is a multi-functional data collector that provides users with a powerful and flexible way to perform their field tasks across industries and applications, including mapping and GIS, surveying, forensics, utilities, civil construction and forestry. 

As the successor to the Trimble TDC600 handheld, the robust TDC6 introduces several advancements: a lighter and more compact form factor, a hot-swappable battery, an upgradable and secure Android™ operating system and 5G capability. The handheld has been developed to support leading Trimble field software to provide users with optimal performance.

The data collector is ideal for price sensitive customers and provides a scalable tool for larger organizations that can be deployed across a range of applications—from basic GIS and asset data capture to complex on-machine and surveying uses. The TDC6 is both a main unit data collector as well as an enabler accessory for new and more advanced user workflows such as high-accuracy GNSS and robotic total station operation.

The TDC6 integrates seamlessly with powerful Trimble data collection applications, including Trimble TerraFlex® GIS software and Trimble Access™ survey software, as well as third-party apps such as Esri® ArcGIS® Field Maps. Google Mobile Services certification further allows users to personalize their device with Google core applications and access to all compatible apps on Google Play.

Trimble TDC6 with Trimble TerraFlex software on screen Trimble TDC6 with Trimble Access software on screen Trimble TDC6 with Esri ArcGIS Field Maps software on screen

The TDC6 connects easily with Trimble GNSS solutions like the Trimble R580 GNSS receiver and Trimble Catalyst™ DA2 system to provide high-accuracy GNSS data for any workflow.

Additionally, pairing the TDC6 with the Trimble EDB10 Data Bridge module facilitates communication between the handheld and Trimble robotic total stations like the Trimble S7 and Trimble S9. TDC6 also supports the Trimble SiteVision™ augmented reality system for accurate real-world visualization of geospatial information.

Surveyor beside screen using a Trimble TDC6 data collector mounted on survey pole with R580 GNSS systemTrimble TDC6 paired with the Trimble R580 GNSS system.

A convenient magnetic mount accessory enables easy handling and quick swapping between applications—from survey pole to onboard total station bracket to the Trimble Catalyst handle accessory. 

Close up view of the TDC6 data collector using magnetic pole mount bracketTrimble TDC6 magnetic pole mount accessory.

Surveyor using Trimble TDC6 data collector mounted on a Trimble total stationTrimble TDC6 mounted on the Trimble S7 total station using the bracket accessory.

Trimble TDC6 data collector mounted on the Trimble Catalyst handle accessory being held by a field workerTrimble TDC6 mounted on the Trimble Catalyst handle accessory. 

The TDC6 is available now through Trimble Geospatial’s Authorized Distribution Network worldwide. Find a distributor near you using our locator tool.

For more information and the detailed spec sheet, visit the TDC6 product web page.