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From Geo Week News: Improving Efficiencies in Scaffolding with Laser Scanning

Simon Boyes was growing increasingly frustrated with more traditional workflows and ultimately started to use a Trimble® X7 3D laser scanner for his scaffolding work, finding great success. The managing director with Benchmark Scaffolding out of Australia took a few minutes to speak with Geo Week News recently to talk about his story of getting started with 3D laser scanning, and the trends he’s seeing with these tools specifically in the world of scaffolding.

Scaffolding overlaid over point cloud of an oil refinery. Courtesy of Simon Boyes.

With over a decade of experience in scaffolding with roles viewing the industry from a few different perspectives, Boyes brings a unique perspective to this conversation regarding shifting workflow. He's now at the forefront of trying to make it more common throughout the industry, recently writing an article for Scaffmag discussing some of the value that’s been added to his work by utilizing this technology.

Scaffolding overlaid over point cloud of an oil refinery. Courtesy of Simon Boyes.

Example of a clash between the scaffolding and the surrounding structure. The designer can easily identify the clash and redesign the solution. Courtesy of Simon Boyes.

Read the entire article on Geo Week News or Boyes' article in Scaffmag.