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Infobex Modernizes Its RTK Network to Provide More Reliable, Precise GNSS Data Across Hungary


In early 2020, Infobex, real-time GNSS correction services provider for surveyors and farmers in Hungary, was looking for a new vendor to upgrade their Network-RTK. Limited to receiving only GPS and GLONASS data, Infobex’s nation-wide network, Geodéta-NET, provided no access to Galileo, BeiDou or QZSS signals. Infobex was looking to modernize their network to Virtual Reference Station (VRS) network and provide their user base with more robust corrections services, utilizing all GNSS constellations to provide their surveyor and agricultural customers with consistent and reliable data. Leveraging Trimble’s real-time network (RTN) hardware and software enabled Infobex to realize their goal to better serve the evolving demands of their customers. Trimble's real-time network's state-of-art hardware and control center software solution for a VRS network deliver the most accurate and reliable data, and modernizes Infobex’s network.


“With the ability to support the operations of a national network, Trimble provides a superior product, delivers operational safety and provides unparalleled technical support,“ said Trimble distribution partner Mesterházi Péter Ákos. As the precision agriculture team lead of AXIÁL, a partner of Infobex in the Hungarian agricultural market, Ákos has worked with Trimble for years. Before launching into a partnership with Trimble, Infobex asked for a proof of concept of the Trimble Pivot™ Platform and Trimble Alloy™ GNSS reference receivers. Infobex immediately saw an improvement in accuracy, access and serviceability of use over their previous network operations.


Infobex is now the only provider in Hungary to provide a nation-wide VRS network with all constellations. Within days of implementation, Trimble Pivot Platform and GNSS receivers provided Infobex with enhanced access to all GNSS constellation data. Now Infobex can easily access GNSS data from multiple constellations with greater stability and provide rover corrections with improved positioning accuracy within 1cm. “With Trimble’s advanced satellite tracking, processing and correction output, and the tools for tracing rover performance, we now can provide our rover users with reliable and precise corrections” says Zoltàn Nèmeth, Infobex project manager. While Infobex customers benefit from the quality and reliability of the corrections data they receive, Infobex enjoys the partnership afforded by Trimble’s unmatched customer service team. Providing 24x7x365 support, Infobex can rest assured their customer’s needs will be met without interruption. This combination of quality means “perfect equipment [and] excellent manageability,” according to Mr. Nèmeth.

With the use of Trimble Alloy GNSS reference receiver hardware and Trimble Pivot Platform
software, Infobex now has access to all available constellations using less than half of the base stations previously required. This translates to lower operating costs, a turnkey system and improved data and information for users. Infobex customers see a difference with a more reliable correction level signal and more precise data. “Trimble Alloy and Trimble Pivot Platform help us to increase efficiency and reliability in our network operation. It enhances our network’s performance, resulting in a more satisfying customer experience,” Zoltàn Nèmeth, project manager, Infobex, said.


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