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Trimble Connect Map Viewer: Three New Features to Simplify Trimble TerraFlex Workflows

The latest update to the Trimble Connect Map Viewer has three new features to simplify creating and managing data for use in Trimble® TerraFlex™ software.

Feature 1: XYZ Autofield

The first feature on the list is the new XYZ autofield. The XYZ autofield can be found in the template editor and added to form templates for use in TerraFlex. The XYZ autofield automatically expands to three individual fields that store and display the X (Longitude or Easting), Y (Latitude or Northing), and Z (Height) of the captured point form. If your workspace has offline GNSS corrections enabled, the values will be automatically updated after processing is complete.

The XYZ autofield is especially useful if you need to review or share the stored position of a form in the field.

Watch a brief overview showing XYZ autofield in TerraFlex.


Feature 2: Duplicate Group

The second new feature in this Trimble Connect Map Viewer update is the option to duplicate a group within your form template. Groups make it simpler to navigate to and fill in form data by grouping related fields together. If you need to have multiple groups with the same or similar fields in your form template, the Duplicate option enables you to build the Group once and then quickly duplicate it as required.

Watch a brief overview showing how to duplicate a group in Map Viewer.

Feature 3: Recent Exports

The third update is the addition of the Recent Exports tab in the Map Viewer. Recent Exports will display a list of previous exports from the map workspace, with information about who generated the export, its format, and the size of the export. It also includes a link to directly download the export as an alternative to having the export delivered by email. The Recent Exports tab can be found in the Export window.

Watch a brief overview showing the recent exports tab in Map Viewer.


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