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Trimble Forensics Solution Expedites Investigation Analysis with Fast Data Delivery

The new Trimble® X9 laser scanning system and Trimble Forensics Capture and Reveal software work together to collect and process comprehensive data that supports analysis for crime scene investigations, crash investigations and reconstructions, arson and fire investigations, and safety planning. New features in the combined hardware and software solution streamline the data collection workflow to deliver analysis-ready data faster so reconstruction specialists can get to work without delays.

Timing is critical in the aftermath of criminal activities and accidents. Law enforcement professionals benefit from rapid data collection to ensure information is not lost or destroyed, while reconstruction specialists are under pressure to provide answers quickly so that investigations can proceed.

The Trimble X9 laser scanning system is a valuable tool for expediting field data collection. Building upon the same technology and workflows of the Trimble X7, the X9 collects higher-quality scans on difficult or dark surfaces and collects data faster and at a longer range. The X9 effectively captures data in any of the often-challenging scenarios that forensic reconstructionists must evaluate. As a result, the time on site and the number of personnel required to collect data is reduced with the X9. Crash sites are cleared more quickly, which lessens the safety risks inherent in typically hazardous investigation situations. The high-density point clouds capture an industry-leading level of detail that improves the quality and accuracy of reconstructions and analysis.

This scene was captured with the Trimble X9 laser scanner and shows the quality of data collected on the white jeep with black interior.

To further reduce time in the field, Trimble Forensics Capture field software version 3.8.1 transfers survey data to Trimble Perspective software where the scan data from the X9 is georeferenced and sent back to Capture.

Capture automatically syncs the georeferenced X9 data with other sources, such as GNSS and optical total stations, resulting in a more efficient workflow. The software creates a single file containing georeferenced scan data, survey data, annotations and images, greatly simplifying file management and theexport of collected data to Trimble Forensics Reveal office software for analysis.

Trimble Forensics Reveal version 2.10 takes reconstruction analysis to a new level, including updates to the automatic classification feature, significantly reducing manual clean-up time in the office. Due to the high-density data collection capabilities of the X9, being able to automatically identify objects extraneous to the investigation (trees, people, moving vehicles, etc.) is a major time saver.

This scene was automatically classified and segmented using the new automatic classification feature to identify the ground (brown), vegetation (green), buildings (blue), and everything else (yellow).

Improved mouse navigation on Forensics Reveal makes the segmentation of data easier and enhances the entire experience of using Reveal. By streamlining the segmentation process, users get access to clean datasets more quickly to begin the necessary analysis and creation of 2D and 3D diagrams and animations to tell the story of events.

Using the middle mouse, in Trimble Forensics Reveal software, you can now rotate your view around your cursor to finetune your viewing angles.

The end-to-end Trimble Forensics hardware and software solution serves the law enforcement and reconstructionist communities, delivering better-quality data, faster and under more challenging collection conditions, and simplifying the transfer of data from the field to the office in a single synced file. In the office, automatic classification and advanced functionality result in clean data sets that support accurate, trusted analysis, allowing forensic specialists to produce a broad range of deliverables with confidence.

Latest updates for Trimble Forensics Capture and Reveal software are available through Trimble Installation Manager.

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