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Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Stations for Mining


There are three powerful advantages of using the Trimble SX12 in underground mine surveying:

  • 3D Scanning and Imagery
  • Setting Out Blast Holes
  • Precision and Ruggedness

3D Scanning and Imagery:
High-speed, Geo-referenced and In-Field Review

The first is Trimble SX12’s ability to capture 3D scans and imagery at different stages of the mining process is a breakthrough for mining operations. This allows geologists and mining engineers to comprehensively evaluate the accuracy and composition of any location in the mine, and make informed decisions on how to proceed.  

The data is automatically geo-referenced to the local project coordinates, which saves processing time back in the office. You immediately know where what part of the mine you’re looking at, and can utilize Trimble Access’s in-field tools to review your data and ensure everything you need is captured the first time. Trimble’s TSC7 and T10 Data Collectors are powered by Windows 10, allowing you to leverage 3rd party apps such as the Microsoft Office Suite.

Setting Out Blast Holes:
Fast and Accurate with New Eye-Safe Laser Pointer

The second benefit of the SX12 for underground mining is setting out blast holes and general setouts. The autofocusing SX12 green eye-safe laser has the smallest  (most accurate) point size in the industry so even at long distance the laser will accurately set out point locations, and the speed at which the SX12 returns iterations will never leave you waiting. 

Trimble SX12 Laser Pointer Mining

Precision and Ruggedness:
Survey-Grade Precision with IP55 Rating

The third benefit is the overall precision and ruggedness of the instrument. The SX12 routinely measures 1” arcsecond accuracy while standing up to the harshest of underground moisture and dust conditions. Trimble’s proven Mag-Drive technology, provides precise instrument movement while protecting the internal components from environmental elements found in underground mines. 

Back in the Office

Use Trimble Business Center to prepare your setout points and blast hole coordinates, and update your project at the end of the data with new survey data, 3D scans and imagery - all in the same project.