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Using RealWorks Shortcut Keys to Speed up your Point cloud Workflow

As a product manager for Trimble RealWorks, I get a lot of questions about time saving tips when working with point clouds. One of my favorites is simply using shortcut keys to quickly access commonly used commands. 

In Trimble RealWorks you can find a full list of shortcut keys by opening the Help menu found under the Support tab.

Trimble RealWorks Short Cut Menu

 From the Help menu click on the search tab and type in, “shortcut”

Trimble RealWorks Shortcut Keys

In addition to the standard CTRL C to Copy and CRTL V to paste some of my favorites are F4 to open the limit box and CTRL M to merge two cloud objects.

You can click the print button to make a hard copy or save to a file to share.

Trimble RealWorks Shortcut Keys

To be even more efficient I use a mouse which allows me to assign shortcut keys to the buttons on it.

Trimble RealWorks ShortCut

I have assigned a button to let the thumb button save projects. This way I can do it quickly and often in case the software closes unexpectedly such as when the power fails. I have also set a button on the mouse to go to the top view as I use this often when working with point cloud data.

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